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Friday, 22 October 2010

The delicious Helga tagged me with this and I thought, as I'm feeling ROTTEN and not wanting to share outfit photos today, now would be the time to take her up on it. So I have to track down the following things:

Favourite You Tube vid:

I can't embed it in here but please click here to see it. Too funny to miss.

Post a picture of something geeky:

I really love board games. Perhaps not Monopoly because it goes on forever and bores me but I'll play Cluedo, 221B Baker Street, Trivial Pursuit, Echelon, Articulate, Scrabble, Carcassone and lots of others until I fall asleep on the board.

Find a picture of something that makes you go awwwwwwwwwwww:

Well, every picture ever taken of Oscar but I must try not come across as a crazy cat lady all the time so...

I want romance.

Find a funny T-shirt:

I love Balcony Tshirts, especially the range of town/city tshirts that they do. It's a close tie between this one and the Basingstoke one but I'm part Yorkshire so this one wins. And just because I know Helga will appreciate it, here's another.

Post a still from my favourite film:

It's from Ever After. Mock if you wish. I love films and will watch pretty much anything, but my favourites list is generally composed of cosy things and I have such a soft spot for this film it's untrue. It's either this or Mary Poppins* depending on how I feel on the day. Today my girlcrush on Drew Barrymore wins.

* And you definitely can't mock Mary Poppins because Mark Kermode loves it too and he is God. So there.

A blog I have recently discovered:

Foof & Faff. She's lovely, go read her blog.

Something from my wish list:

Rock & Rule pj's from David & Goliath

I really want them, especially as I've just got rid of most of my ancient and baggy pyjamas, but I'm just not prepared to spend £35 on pj's!

And I'd like to tag:

Laura at A Daisy Chain Dream

Kel at Hair Advice and All Things Nice

Kandi at Kandipandi's Pad

Belle at Bellevintage


  1. Oh, this post has turtley brightened my day!
    As a Geordie now living in Yorkshire, I'm so loving that t-shirt. And shhh, SO buying it for Matt from Santa!
    I'm a board game geek too- say it loud, say it proud! Also not feeling monopoly though- think it's overly competitive and just plain mean at times. Faves are Cranium, Scrabble and Harry Potter (you MUST try).

    xxx Maddie

  2. OOh what a cool tag..
    What is 221 Baker Street??
    And I LOVE david and goliath pj's !

  3. Aw, thanks for saying u love my blog, love yours too, especially todays post with Love Actually AND David and Goliath! Love love cute pjs, got mens Superman bottoms Ive had forever and cant bear to chuck them out :)

  4. I love Love Actually so much. I don't think it's Christmas until I've watched it : ) and that scene is lovely.

  5. Hiya, i love "Love Actually" one of my fave films, I'm watching The holiday today!
    Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!x

  6. Oh my god that Yorkshire tshirt is the best thing I've ever seen - I NEED IT!

    Love David and Goliath pjs too but I'm with you - I can't bring myself to spend the pennies!


  8. Hi Alex, love the jimjams.

    Check out my latest post for an award! Have a great w/end.

  9. Dear Alex, I got together with The Actor at Andy Lincoln's stag night. I was the only girl invited which is quite bizarre. He is as lovely in real life as he is in Love Actually.

    I should try and get you some great pyjamas from Ebay. The best time to get them is not near Christmas though generally. I have some brilliant ones. I wish I'd known as I've just given a bag away! xx

  10. Get well soon, Alex! You've educated me here, I've never seen either of the films or most of the board games. I must live on a different planet. Heaven alone knows what I'll come up with, nothing as good as you. xxx

  11. That tshirt is amazing! I'll definetly be buying one for the other half xXx

  12. Arrgh,I LOVE Simon's cat!!!So unbearably adorable!!!
    Thanks for the T shirt-totally up my alley,darling!!!
    I have had a girl crush on Drew for years!!She is who I want to play me if a movie is made about my life!!Have you seen Whip It yet?She's hilarious in it!(I saw Ever After 3 times in one day,actually.At 2 different cinemas.Ahem)
    OMG-that scene in Love,Actually is so heart melting.It's total squish and I seceretly(well,not so secretly)love it!!I quite like romatic dribble.I just prefer people to think I'm a tough bitch!

  13. Fab post! Board games rock, articulate is amazin.
    Drew Barrymore is a very worth girlcrush. x

  14. Oh what a fab post, I need to get my thinking cap on now - thanks for the tag! I love those t-shirts. I have loads of admiration for Drew she is a gorgeous, clever, astute woman and she is still cute! OOhh pj's are fab too I could fancy them too.
    Kandi x

  15. this is such an amzing post. i wish i could save it !!
    check out my blog :

    please follow

  16. I want some new pjs so badly, I seem to have somehow left myself with no cosy ones.

    I love board games, no one will ever play them with me unless I beg for hours. Though I am one for Monopoly, and I know it irrates the hell out of people. (Although I always have to win!) x

  17. I don't really like board games because I'm just not competitive enough haha. I get bored easily! That yorkshire t-shirt is so funny!

  18. I love that scene in Love Actually - it always makes me a bit teary!! x

  19. You play some weird board games! I've seriously never heard of half of those! My favourite as a kid was Super Cluedo, it's really different to normal Cluedo. I've been trying to find it again but without much luck.

    Answering your question about my bureau - yep, the shelves at the side are really unusual, I looked at literally hundreds and mine is the only one I found with the shelves! They're one of the main reasons I chose it, I needed more book space.

  20. This is so fun! You've inspired me to rediscover board games. Earlier in the semester, my staff and I would have game nights in the lobby. I am a twister champ.

  21. I've never seen Love Actually but this is pretty cute - maybe I should!

  22. My friend Paul is always raving about Ever After - must get hold of the DVD. That scene from Love Actually makes me cry. xx

  23. And now I feel the need to LOL at the rest of these 'Simons Cat' videos! xx

  24. Ah thanks for the tag you lovely lady! :)

    I love Ever After. Great feel good film. Don't ever let yourself be mocked.

    And those pj's are fab, but £35...sod off. Too much for bedwear.



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