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Monday, 10 January 2011

I love sweater dresses. They just don't require any thought when it comes to accessorising. Whack one on over tights or leggings, pull on some boots and you're good to go. Perfect for days like today when I had an extremely early start for a pre-work trip to the dentist and no time or energy to pull anything more complicated together.

Also perfect for a day when I'm feeling rather grotty and wanting to hide behind clothes rather flaunt them. This is bold enough to take the attention away from my face. Look how pale and gruesome I am! I would much rather have been in bed today but there was work to be done and lots of it. So in I went.

Sweater dress - Rise Elite @ Dorothy Perkins (yes, I know it's technically just an oversized jumper but it's going in the sweater dress section of my wardrobe, not the jumper section. So there.)
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Boots - Evans
Jewellery - H&M

I'm after a nice pair of black knee high boots in the sale but am struggling to find any. I have chunky calves so I can't really trust buying a pair online in case they don't fit and all the nice ones I've seen in store are either still really expensive or only come in brown. If any of you happen to have seen any nice, cheapish, black ones, please let me know! In the meantime, my trusty short pair will have to do.


  1. I know what you mean, I've been after a nice pair of black, flat boots for ages!
    Gotta love comfort dressing- I always sling a big oversized cardi on top of whatever I wear to work- it's permanently like -5 in there and if I need to smarten up for guests, I can just whip it off (oo-er!)
    Hope the dentist wasn't too vile!

    xxx Maddie

  2. If you can wait a little longer often boots get even cheaper next month. I love that jumper, but I couldn't find it online, grrr (that will teach me for stealing your style ;) x

  3. It's so hard to find boots to fit your calves if they are naything less than svelte isn't it - mine are VERY chunky and so it's rare that I can get anything higher than ankle boots. I usually resort to Evans for higher boots, but they can be expensive - I wouldn't mind so much but I love boots and could happily wear them all year round.

  4. Dearest Alex, that looks fabulous on you! I love it xx

    PS. Looking for a sequin jacket for you. I'll email you if I find something you might like.

  5. Me too! Flat black boots- nice ones- are so hard to find!!

    Love sweater dresses too, so comfy and easy. I wish I could wear them to work! x

  6. Boots can be such a nightmare, I ended up paying double the amount I wanted on mine, just because they were exactly what I wanted.

    As for a sweater dress- what's not to love? Cozy, simple, easy. I have a minor addiction problem with sweater dresses- and yours I LOVE!

  7. I have an excellent Amy Pond sweater outfit myself. :P

  8. I gave up years ago and had the perfect pair made especially for me by the vegan bootmaker. They cost a small fortune BUT they still fit like a dream, look like brand new and nobody else has the same pair, so I think it was a good purchase!

    You look supercute in that gorgeous sweater dress!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I love the star print!
    As for black boots, I think they are as tricky as finding a black cardi..
    I got a pair from new look for my sis before xmas, just plain black leather, but they were a little shorter than knee length, and they were a crazy £50 ;S from new look!!
    but they were the last pair and she has been looking for some for ages, so i couldnt' really leave without them!

  10. This is pretty much all I live in at the moment although I keep having to stop to pull my leggings up.

    Ugh. Knee high boots. Some day I will tell the horror of the one and only time I bought knee high boots but I don't think my nerves are ready for it. I too suffer from the big calf problem (which it seems the majority of people do - who are these skinny legged people buying these boots?!) and it's just a no go for me unfortunately.

  11. Ugh - it's these dark mornings I tell you - there's no way I feel all inspired to dress 'up' when I've snoozed my alarm five times and am having to run out of the house with wet hair! I'm living permanently in trousers and top with my massive snowflake cardigan over the top because I'm freezing! You look a lot more fab than me!

    Also can I join the Black Boot Hunt - still wearing my ones from three years ago which have holes in them, I feel such a scruff but there's no way I'm spending money on boots I don't LOVE. I really want the Cash n Carry ones from Office but the black were the only ones that didn't get reduced and I think they only have size threes left anyway :(

  12. I love a sweater dress, easy, comfy and the print on yours is fab!
    My sis struggles with the same thing and generally gets her boots from Evans, as they have a good range of different styles. Worth trying on instore, then buying online with a discount code.


  13. You can't beat a comfortable jumper dress! Star print makes it even better :) hope you get over the grottiness soon, I'm having a lot of trouble getting up in the morning xx

  14. Alex you rock that jumper! Does that make me sound like Dannii!!

    I love it, it is perfect in grey and the star makes it bold and fun.

    Ah boots, Margaret is right hang on for another month. Also try Evans my sister in law has big calves from running and she swears by their boots xx

  15. The sweater dress is lovely, so simple and easy to wear. Plus the star print is equally fabulous, so makes for a great outfit x

  16. That sweater dress looks absolutely amazing on you, Alex. I can't see a pale and washed out complexion as the print is so out there and grabs all the attention, a perfect thing for wearing when you're feeling below-par.

  17. I have the same problem with boots and gave up looking years ago but last winter I finally got some from Evans. I don't why I hadn't thought to look in there before.

  18. I love sweater dresses too... they are so easy!


  19. Sweater dresses are a god send, I couldn't live without them.

    I think pale is very 'in fashion' at the moment, so I wouldn't worry about that, infact I think the paler the better :)

    Re, your comment on my blog, I can't wear red lipstick when I'm out with the boy because he can't kiss me *blushes*

    Have a great week! xxx

  20. I love that jumper! I was desperate for black knee high boots too, as you've read on my blog I ended up with black cowboy boots and grey knee highs! But seriously, go to Evans like I did, they even have an 'extra wide calf width boots' section, look online!

  21. YES
    I love sweater dresses,
    and yours is superb

  22. I completely agree. Nothing beats a jumper dress or basic dress with leggings and boots. I live in them for work.

    Plus that one has pockets!!! All the best dresses have pockets.


  23. I love your blog! I was looking through your posts - you have impeccable taste, darling.

  24. Congratulations Alex you have won the Diana Vreeland Book give-away, please could you drop me an e mail with your address, you will find my e mail on my profile page.

  25. I love a good comfy sweater dress day! Love the star print!

  26. Ooooh lala! I am very intrigued about this book. The Secret Countess? IT sounds lovely!!! I love reading. Lovelovelove.

    Sweater dresses ARE awesome. Especially when they have stars on them. You look great!

  27. Wore a sweater dress to work today too, with some plum tights and black boots. So easy and so comfy. xx

  28. That's a gorgeous jumper miss! I really love the print on it. Nothing beats Dotty Ps, it's the shop for real women (i.e. none of this IhavenobreastsandshopatTopshop nonsense) I get my jeans from there - short legs, round bum, and I adore them. jazzy ♥

  29. I love sweater dresses too. Yours looks so cute & comfy!

  30. Sweater dresses are my go-to look when I want to be a little snazzier (and comfier!) than a pair of jeans :-)

  31. i really like the jumper:)xxxxx stop by sometime honey:)x

  32. you can't beat a comfy sweater dress! you look great, love the pattern :)


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