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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

So then, 2010 is over and done. On the whole I would class it as a good year. I'm finally home now so can get round to thinking about it enough to write a blog post.

I stuck to all my resolutions. They weren't major things (stick to the diet, go swimming, learn to cook a new main course every month etc) but I think it was the first year I've ever made any so I'm quite pleased with myself. I haven't thought about any for 2011 yet and given that it's already 4th Jan, I probably won't end up making any for this year. Perhaps just the vague idea of losing a bit more weight. Not too much but just a wee bit more would be nice.

Speaking of which, in 2010 I lost a smidgen under 4 stone to add to the very similar amount that I lost the year before. Yay me!

My confidence levels have risen dramatically this year. I wish I could say that it wasn't linked so strongly to the weightloss but I'm afraid it is and that's just the way of it. Getting braver is a good thing though, whatever the cause of it. I've done lots of things this year that I would never have been brave enough to do in previous years. I won't list them because they're all very minor things but hey, I have to start somewhere!

My tastebuds have definitely expanded. I now eat curry, capers, sprouts, broccoli and am getting less wussy with spicy foods. I've developed a bit of a taste for red wine and a very definite taste for coffee. Mmmmm, lovely coffee. Why have I ignored you for so long?

I was a bridesmaid for the first time. It was so much fun! I think it helped muchly that the bride was as chilled out as it was possible to be and so there was no hassle other than dress fittings (where I shamed myself by nearly passing out).

I read 345 books. Not many in March (only 18) - clearly I was quite busy that month, or reading weighty tomes rather than books I could romp through. Perhaps next year is the time to get more adventurous as I didn't discover as many new authors I liked as I usually do. Any suggestions?

I revised my opinion of shopping. I still don't enjoy it particularly but it's immensely liberating to just go into shops and know things will fit you and that makes it less of a hellish experience than it used to be. Also I've found myself rather approving of H&M and River Island. Yes, there's still much cheap tat on offer but if you ignore that then there are lovely things to be found. New green bag, I'm looking at you as I type this.

I started the blog. Thank you all so much for reading it! Perhaps I'm just sheltered from all the bitchiness that can be found out there in internet land but I've met some truly amazing people through blogging. The warmth and generosity and friendship that I've found has really touched me. You're all lovely. I've even met a few of you in real life (see, told you I was getting braver!).

As for 2011, it's starting off with what feels like a rather rotten sore throat. Oh well, best to get the annual cold out of the way early I suppose! I don't have many big things planned so far - a couple more theatre trips to London, a 4 day residential course for work at the end of Jan (eek, scary!), the annual Easter jaunt. I'm sure the diary will fill up quickly enough and I'll soon be griping about my lack of free weekends but for now I'm enjoying the peace and the chance to loaf about reading. I'm heading into work for my rearranged PDR today but then I've got the rest of the week off. Don't expect any outfit posts; it's unlikely I'll get dressed till next Monday.


  1. Haha 345 books. Hilarious. Be careful, you'll run out of all the books in the world to read and then you'll cry.

    Congratulations on the weight loss - totally totally know exactly what you mean about it giving you confidence, there's a part of you that doesn't want to admit that in case it somehow makes you feel shallow but it's true. And the pleasure that comes from knowing you can shop most places is lovely!

    (Oh my goodness the boyfriend got me the most amazing pair of Irregular Choice shoes for Christmas and as soon as I'd opened them I thought of you! That's a little sad, don't tell anyone I said that.)

  2. 345 books!!!! I can't stand coffee or curry but love sprouts and broccoli. That is an amazing amount of weight you have lost, well done.

  3. 345 books!... I am so inspired by your love for books, please please mention them more on your blog from time to time.

    It sounds like you've had a great year with the weightloss too, you are a true inspiration Alex and I am sure many people will agree with me x

  4. omg 345 books?! and how can you have lived without coffee and sprouts for so long?!
    i am still thinking of what my resolutions will be, finalising them, but will do a post soon (along with about the other million i have planned on the back of my shopping list!)

    i haven't really started planning anything for this yr, but have already filled up all my jan weekends :S arg!

  5. Happy New Year Alex. I'm with everyone else. 345 books!!!! I've read about 20 odd and I thought I was an avid reader! That's a bit sad isn't it? I must be very slooooow. Hope you feel better very soon.

  6. Congratulation on 2010- here's to 2011.

    COFFEE. I was a coffee avoider until I lived across Europe. Oh what I had been missing. I was unnaturally pleased to find out someone had left us a small coffee machine in our flat this year- thatnk you thank you thank you whoever you are!

    Enjoy a week of not getting dressed- isn't it blissful?! And most of all, I hope 2011 can be as exciting as 2010 for you.

  7. Flippin' eck!! You like a book. :) I'm going to try and take after you and read more.

    I love Red wine, used to hate it a few years back. It's true our tastebuds change over the years.

    Well done on the weight loss, you always look fantastic.
    Happy New Year.


  8. The weight loss is an amazing achievement, I can't believe how much you have lost. I am determined this year to shift as much as I can I may need your expert guidance, what would be you one main bit of advice?
    Congrats on the books, wow, do you not sleep ~ I just couldn't imagine reading that many in one year. Have you read Barbare Erskine, a bit of Historical Fact mixed with a bit of supernatural fiction - she is one of my favourites ~ if you have not read her try Lady of Hay or Child of the Phoenix.
    Kandi x

  9. You're totally my wedding diet inspiration! Well done you!
    345 books is amazing! On that very subject, i have a wee idea I'll be sharing this week!

    xxx Maddie

  10. Bloody Hell Woman you are a heroine!!! All those books is enough to put me to shame BUT all that weight TWO YEARS running! I bow to you!!! WELL DONE QUEEN!!!

  11. Happy new year Alex!! You are as lovely in real life as on your blog and bloody well done on the weight loss, i aspire to read one book a week this year, so 345 has to be some kind of record, right?!!
    Love as always Sharron xxxxxxx

  12. 345 books?thats amazing!! You've done so well losing the weight and look gorgeous too so its not really any suprise that you feel more confident. Hope you have a brilliant 2011 x

  13. Three hundred and forty five books?! That's almost one a day!!! I managed 11, which isn't even one book per month, and I read some really skinny books :(

    Big well done on the weightloss - of course you're more confident and why not, you look brilliant!

    No resolutions for me this year either, just a vague aim at happiness! xx

  14. You are truly extraordinary!!! I'm so glad that we somehow stumbled on one another's blogs (I'm forgetting exactly when or how that happened). Your humor is right up my ally and I completely appreciate all of your sweetness.
    Happy 2011!

  15. 345 books?!! You are an inspiration Alex! Very impressed that you stuck to your resolutions and go you for losing all that weight, must have been difficult! Here's to a great 2011 :) Sally x

  16. Oooh I wish I'd kept a record of all the books I'd read! I'm going to this year and maybe we can compare?

    The weightloss - amazing. It does make a huge difference confidence-wise, but when I worry that I think too much about it, I just remember that my friends and family have never cared what I look like whatever I look like, so as long as you've got others focusing on the inside, you can focus on the outside! (I'm aware how cheesy that sounds!)

  17. What a lovely post. I'm so pleased for you, it seems you got a whole lot done in 2010, well done you! And 345 books, wow!! Getting braver and trying new things is on my list of things to do as well. Anyway I found this post rather inspirational :) xx

  18. How do you find the time to read so many books? I am feeling very inadequate! Especially when some books take me several weeks to get through (Gulliver's Travels, shudder).

    Thank goodness you like curry now. I did a similar thing with trying to like different foods; the only things I still struggle with are raw tomatoes, mushrooms, and blue cheese. I do try though. Oh, and I won't touch beer, but that is never changing.

  19. Did you get my email lovely? Scared it got lost in the webasphere!

    You had a fantastic year. 4 stone is an amazing acheivement, you are my real weightloss inspiration :)

    And to echo what everyone else has said- 345!?!? Amazing. x

  20. Dearest Alex, you are an inspiration! I wish I could read that many books in a year!

    Your weight loss is amazing! Well done. You go girl!

    Look forward to meeting you this year maybe? Wishing you a wonderful 2011. Love, Christina xx

  21. Happy New Year, Alex! Your weight loss is an absolute inspiration.
    I can't believe you didn't do spicy foods, red wine, coffee and capers for so long. Spaghetti with pesto, capers and parmesan is one of my teatime standbys when I'm strapped for cash.
    345 books? I thought I read a lot. Pretty impressive I must say. xxx

  22. I'm a relative newbie to your blog and am enjoying getting to know you. What a fab way to start the year with all those achievements already in hand! I would love know a shortlist of
    a) the best of those books
    b) your top weightloss tips- bet I'm not the only one at this time of year

    Thankyou for the blogtastic blog x

  23. I'm glad you have decided to like coffee, when you come and see me I can make you loads of it! x

  24. What a lot you've achieved in 2010. Here's to 2011!

    (345 books?!)

  25. Weight loss, book bonanza and inspirational blog, of course 2010 was good for you! I probably read almost as many books though tried to curb myself as despite buying 80% in charity shops the other 20% includes expensive art, fashion and textile reference and the budget was screaming. But am most envious of your weight loss. (You look lovely in your blog posts BTW.) Do tell or refer me to your relevant posts as I really need to to lose weight for health as well as fashion reasons. OK, mostly for fashion, LOL!
    Happy New year!

  26. Ok just to echo what everyone else has said... HOW MANY BOOKS??? Crazy. My aim for this year is to read at least 50 and I thought that was really ambitious.

    Glad 2010 was a good one for you. Congratulations on all your achievements. It has been wonderful to see your confidence grew through the course of your blogging year.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011. x

  27. i'm so glad to hear your 2010 went well for you & i'm really impressed by all your achievements! i can't believe you read books so fast...i used to be really fast but i get distracted by other things these days, so people actually comment on how long i take to get through books! & to lose almost four stone this year is just amazing, you should be so proud of yourself!

    heres hoping you get over your cold quickly. happy new year & thanks for your lovely comment :)

  28. In reply to the snow; it snowed yesterday. It feels like it may never leave. Though it is raining now, and if I could hug rain, I surely would!!!
    Well done on keeping your resolutions for last year!!
    I am amazed at the number of books you've read - I take it you are a quick reader?? xx

  29. Dear Alex, I never read the book but I am quite sure you will love The Camomile Lawn as the acting, script and direction is fabulous. Shall I post you my copy? xx

  30. Happy New year, hope you feel better! wow, 345 books, that is amazing! I think I only read 10 books this year, at the most! yikes I need to start reading more, haha!

  31. Holy man, 345 books?!!! Thot I was doing well to get thru 202 movies, I LOVE reading but clearly I'm slower than I first thought, haha! :)


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