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Thursday, 6 January 2011

I'm not a good patient. I get:

a) mopey
b) much in need of sympathy
c) cross with everyone who tries to be sympathetic and nice to me
d) melodramatic. I am not often unwell and haven't been to the doctor for about 4 years now so when the lurgy does strike me I don't just feel a bit ill, I am POORLY. In capitals, obviously. Am currently feeling rather like a TB victim with a throat that has been set on fire.

So today, when I haven't been bitching and moaning about the unfairness of being ill whilst I'm still on my holidays, I have been doing the following:

Resorting to comfort food. Alphabetti spaghetti on toast anyone?

Trying not to get too cross with Oscar for relentlessly walking across the duvet between me and the laptop. I love him very dearly but why does he do this? Why not just lie down and go to sleep?

Dosing myself with every manner of cold/flu remedy I could find. I'm not quite melodramatic enough to call it flu - that word should be reserved only for when you're feeling too deathly ill to move. It's decidedly unpleasant though. I seem to be blowing my nose a ridiculous amount in the morning, feeling generally shitty in the afternoon and then coughing my head off in the evening. Fun eh?

Reading. Obviously. But I'm not showing you which ones as they fall into the category affectionately described by a pal as "literary filth". I should probably clarify that this isn't porn or anything, just the sort of stuff with hunkily bare chested men on the cover. Also a couple of the JD Robb "In Death" series which I've started rereading from the beginning.

Making some foccacia/herby flatbread type stuff and then eating it, part plain, part slathered with sundried tomato tapenade. Yum! Feed a cold, starve a fever, right? That's my excuse anyway.

Having a little cry over the news that beautiful, brave Monet's Garden is on the verge of death. Then crying a little bit more when I got the post and had an update from Redwings, a charity I support. I loathe and despise the fact that someone can starve 36 poor, defenceless ponies practically to the point of death (and 4 of them did die) and then get 100 hours community service as a punishment. The justice system is pathetic.

Watching Tim Minchin's dvd. It's cheered me up slightly as he's very funny but I am still having one of those resolutely meh days. I hate days like this. I feel as if I should be doing something but I have no idea what I actually want to do. Perhaps I'll turn out the wardrobe or something.


  1. Oh poor you! But (former working mother speaking) you're not too ill to go on your computer or cook delicious food are you?? LOL!

  2. Call me crazy but when I'm in one of these moods there is but one cure- Colin Firth in breeches.
    xxx Maddie

  3. Oh, poor you. If it's any consolation I've got it too and I'm an equally rubbish patient. Took some Contac last night (recommended by a colleague) but it's a stimulant so was awake all night feeling crap. Went to work today and left at lunchtime so I could have a big cry and a sleep. Felt much better after a good cry! God, I do feel sorry for myself when I'm ill! Get well soon. xx

  4. Aww not good. Hope you feel lots better soon.
    You're bread looks delicious. Tim Minchin would definitely cheer me up, he's hilarious! x

  5. Not nice honey, have you tried hot whisky and lemonade just before bed, it usually helps me? It's a cruel twist of fate to be sick when you are off work, you should demand this time back as it doesn't count! Hope you are soon on the mend.
    Kandi x

  6. Oh Alex. It's miserable isn't it! I was sickly over New Year and it was rubbish. I'm not a great patient either.

    2 things- DRUGS. Contac 400 is my ultimate cold drug, helps stop the headaches, fuzzy-headed-ness, and the need for nose blowing. Also cheese toasties. I like your spaghetti though, works for me too, that and tinned tomato soup.

    Feel much much much better soon.

  7. You poor dear (though the toast did make me laugh). Sending you a big hug xx

  8. I have it too - again! Had it the first few days of the holidays and again now I'm back at work - blegh! Hope you feel better soon xxx

    Look at Oscar's lovely ginger fur! How can you be mad at him??? :(

  9. HOpe you feel better soon, Alex. Mmmmm that bread thing you made looks nice.

  10. Och hen! Feel better soon! Spag on toast & a good book is the right way to go! Keep snuggled in that bed of yours! xx

  11. Oh no, I'm living with a man flu victim at the moment, he's crap when he's ill and I'm the worst nurse in the world.
    Hope you feel loads better soon.
    Is it just me or is Tim Minchin rather sexy? xxx

  12. Meh. I do love your alphaspaghetti work though. Tres arty.

    OH MY GOD YOU'RE TOTALLY READING PORN. You don't fool me lady.

    The Irregular Choice shoes are called Toodle Loo Bow Hearts - pic here - They're amazing, although I might die wearing them, I'm very out of practice wearing heels. Unfortunately the boyfriend hasn't got a brother but if he gets the urge to buy other people shoes I'll make sure you're the first in line. You are ill after all.

  13. Dear Alex, oh you poor thing, hope you perk up soon! I swear by large soluble paracetamol dissolved in a pint of water every three hours, otherwise you put too many chemicals in at once with all that stuff you have there. And I should know!

    I wouldn't advise turning out your wardrobe at this stage either. Stick with the books and DVD's.

    Love the alphabetti spaghetti pic. C xx

  14. The spagetti picture did make me smile - very constructive!! And I was told that the difference between cold and flu is that if you saw £50 on the pavement outside your window, and went out to get it, it's a cold, and if you didn't, it's flu..that made me laugh the other day, as i seem to have an officeful of 'man-flu' recently!
    Also, I have something that will cheer you up!! Wait and see :) xx

  15. I hope you feel better soon!

    Cats do have a way of standing over laptops whilst they're in use. I always think they can feel the warmth and want your attention just because your doing something else.

    I wish I could stay on my dad's farm all the time it's such a perfect place but at least I get to visit :)

  16. Poor you, I hope you feel better soon, I have a few sniffles and sneezes, hoping it does not develop into a full blown cold, your alphabetti on toast is priceless.

  17. I hate being ill, and too tend to be rather grumpy about the whole thing.

    The cat laptop thing is typical of my cat and my Mums cat, infact my Mums cat once actually froze my screen because he had somehow managed to press too many of the keypads at once- I was not best pleased!

    Hope you are feeling better soon x

  18. Oh dear! Poor you!! Hope you feel better soon honey! Re: the horses and ponies - research suggests that people who abuse animals are much more likely to abuse children. I say that if you cannot be a decent human being to any other living creature then you are fundementally lacking as a person! 100 hours community service my arse - they should have been bloody whipped!! Heres to a better future!

  19. First of all, that bread looks amazing! Better than my Morrisons rolls anyway... Secondly, I know exactly how you feel - I would seriously rather just have a bug, throw up and get it over with than spent 10 days with a cold (my recovery rate is v slow, which doesnt help!) Oh and I'm going for eating all the chocolate I think, theres not much left now haha! :)

  20. I am the worst ill person ever! I hope you feel better soon darling Alex x

  21. Get better soon! I started getting a sore throat on Christmas Day evening, good timing too. I hope the alphabet spaghetti helped! My cat does that all the time too, helpfully pressing down on random keys with a paw to freeze it, or sometimes sit down on it entirely.
    Any form of animal cruelty is utterly despicable!!

  22. Aw bless your Alphabetti spaghetti!
    I know what you mean about being poorly - it's a proper feeling sorry for yourself word.

    Hope you get better soon.

  23. The alphabet soup picture is really, really cool! I'm sorry that you're sick. Bleh. Tis the season for joy and illness! Ha:)


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