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A is for Alex

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

C'est moi.

A - Age
MID TWENTIES. Oh ok, 28. I still get ID'd in Tesco though. I moan about it but secretly I'm very happy.

B - Bed Size

C - Chore you hate
Ironing. Uck. It is boring, it hurts my back and it takes ages.

D - Dogs
No. Cats cats cats.

E - Essential start to your day
Many many alarms. About 5 usually, or I don't get up.

F - Favourite colour
Green. Obviously.

G - Gold or silver
Silver. I've been told gold is something I'll grow to like, like red wine. I'll keep you updated if either happens.

H - Height
Only 5'2. I like it though.

I - Instruments you play
None. I'd love to play the cello.

J - Job title
Administrator. It will probably change to something along the lines of Business Support Coordinator soon (can you sense me rolling my eyes?), neither of which actually reflect the bajillion and one things I do at work. I prefer Fount Of All Knowledge.

K - Kids
No thank you. And kindly don't patronise me by saying that I'll change my mind when I settle down/meet the right man/turn 30.

L - Live
In a house. Sadly not a very big house in the country. Generally surrounded by books and unironed clothes.

M - Mother's name
Jean. She is amazing.

N - Nickname
I never really had one until Ffion came along at work and then in a Mitford/Harry Potter-esque whirl we decided that I was Honks and she was Tonks. Mostly it's just Alex though.

O - Overnight hospital stays
None that I can remember.

P - Pet peeves
Ha! I shall refer you to this here post (incidentally gang, AMAZING comments) about supposedly popular things I hate but the general list of pet peeves is even longer. I think most of them are general bad manners (spitting in the street, talking and texting whilst at the cinema, dropping litter, not picking up dog poo) but I get particularly wound up by bad grammar and spelling. Oh and a special level of hell is reserved for those who drive in the middle lane of the motorway even though there's no other traffic on the road.

Q - Quote from a film
I do tend to sprinkle my conversation with quotes that barely anyone has ever heard of, so I probably sound like a complete odd-bod most of the time, unless you happen to have similar tastes to me! My most-quoted lines tend to come from tv programmes or books, but just for sentimental reasons and because we used to say it to each other all the time, I shall go with:

"I shall try."
"And I shall wait all day."

R - Right or left handed?
Right. I really like left handed men though.

S - Siblings
A big brother, Kenny. Taller than me, sportier than me (Great North Run in under 1 1/2 hours!), more artistic and musical than me. I win at organisation, being reliable, present buying and the general boring stuff. We love each other really though.

T - Time you wake up
Not as early as I should.

U - Underwear
Bosom boosting bras and plain black shorts usually.

V - Vegetable you hate
Cucumber and celery. Bleurgh!

W - What makes you run late
Reading. I don't mean to be late, I really don't, but I get stuck into a book and time just runs away with me.

X - X-Rays you've had
Only teeth. Oh no, my wrist once when I fell off a horse and landed in a crumpled heap between its front legs.

Y - Yummy food that you make
Cakes. I think I'm an ok cook but I am definitely more adventurous with baking than I am with normal meals.

Seriously, where have all my cake photos gone? This was the only one I could find and it doesn't even look nice! Tasted bloody lovely though.

Z - Zoo animal
Would you believe I've never been to the zoo? I don't feel qualified to answer this question.


  1. A is also for Amazingly awesome.

  2. I disagree, that looks like very yummy cake! The frilly shape of your teacup is pretty too. I honestly didn't think you were 28, I wouldn't have put you over 25.

    A fun post :) That is a seriously cute cat by the way. Cats are the best!

  3. Great! You do make me laugh!
    Incidently, what a saddo am I? I zoomed into super macro mode on your book photo just to scrutinize your books. I realised just how sad I was after a minute or so!

    I have to say, I like your tea-cups but (how cheeky am I?), being the fusspot I am, don't fancy eating the cake! :0)
    Glad to see I am not the only one who has to be bombarded by alarms to stand a chance of getting in on time!

  4. I was rather distracted drooling over Oscar for a few minutes there-gorge pic of the little darling!!!
    Don't you just want to get violient when people get patronising over the kid thing?Grrr.

  5. I really like this post! I'm with you on the alarm clock, i really dislike being woken up, sadly Sebastian likes to rise at 6am :( xxx

  6. You've NEVER been to the zoo?! Chester zoo is only across the river!(ish...) I can't believe you've never been! Coincidentally, apparently there used to be one in Aigburth on Elmswood Road. How weird! If only it was still there and I'd make you pay a visit :D

  7. Um....HELLO??????????? Why is no one going on about how blimming gorgeous your brother looks!!!!!!!!
    Great post, lovely things, feel like I "know" you all the more now!
    That cake looks lush and your hair (top knot while taking photo) looks brill like that!
    x x x x x

  8. You definately need a trip to the zoo, you've missed out. Your brother looks rather yum btw (hehe). My brother is way taller than me, it's totally not fair.
    I'm freaked out by the thought of kids. I'd prefer to adopt a ready-made on if at all.

  9. You need to visit Chester Zoo :)

  10. Yeah I had that 'you'll change your mind when you're older' crap, I've got to 43 and still can't bear babies, ewww!

  11. Great info hun. As for ironing...... HATE it!!

    Love the job description.

    X x

  12. Must agree with Gem your brother is somewhat gorgeous, good looks obviously run in your family - and before you deny it you ARE good looking too!!! Must agree too that the cake looks delicious and the china fabulous. Although I've got 4 kids and to be honest would have been happy to have more, I would never dream of telling anyone who doesn't want them that they will change their minds. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend don't want children and I am always getting people telling me "never mind, she'll change her mind". I don't mind, and I know she won't change her mind - she's never said she wanted children, she wasn't even too keen on dolls, it's fine by me. In fact I think far too many people have children just because they think they should rather than because they have seriously given it any thought. - Ooops sorry for rant;D xxx

  13. Never been to the zoo, are you kidding me. Right next spring/ summer we are going to Chester Zoo with Jack.

  14. What a great looking pair of siblings you are! Loved reading you A-Z darling!

    Children? I would prefer another dog! lol!!!!!

  15. That cake has made me feel very hungry all of a sudden...

  16. The cake made me salivate, so I don't agree with what you think of the photo. :)

  17. Great post Alex :)

    And that cake looks sooo scrummy, maybe a recipe post????

    thanks for sharing


  18. I can't believe you haven't ever been to the zoo! Come and stay in wales one weekend and we will go to the mountain zoo, it's my favourite ever - they have a penguin parade.

    AGree with you about silver, although i have been told the same about growing into gold..i do have some gold coloured costume jewellery but definitely prefer silver..

    Love the photo-taking-pose and the topknot!

  19. love this post, I prefer white gold.. so silver yeah?
    and red wine? only for cooking!
    but seriously - get yourself to the zoo!!!

  20. I really love this post, loved reading Vix's loved reading yours. Really going to have to give it a go. :)
    And I'll join you on the motorway middle lane drivers. Gahhhhhh!!
    As mentioned, Kenny is rather good looking!

  21. Re: J - I'm now applying for Administrator jobs, (joy of jobsearching). I prefer Guru, mostly because in two entirely separate contexts, 7 years apart, I have entered a building, and been welcomed by the cry 'Ah, the Guru is here' (honest, I don't know why!)

  22. Nice post Alex! I enjoy. The middle lane of the motorway thing always makes me laugh because, with the exception of the motorway right in the middle of Glasgow, we don't have motorways with more than 2 lanes in Scotland really - haha! That said, a fast lane lingerer has the power to enrage me!

  23. Oh God! I also zoomed into your bookshelf to look at your collection and notice you have the beautiful Elizabeth Goudge trilogy. I have a first edition of those in one volume, after I had let the other ones go. Your bookshelf looks like mine, everything stuffed in, two depths too.

    I love the cup, saucer and plate and the cake looks very edible!

  24. Can I steal this? Your pet peeves are a lot like mine, except the driving one cos I don't. Love the book pic too xx

  25. Actually I think that cake looks total yummy! Agree about the red wine, in the past wine has been known to...disagree with me, so tend to avoid it now! :)

  26. I agree with others that the cake does look scrummy.

  27. I'm loving that so many people doing to A to Z hate celery, I was beginning to think I was some kind of weirdo in the real world!
    That picture of you and your bro is so cute.
    Cinema texters/phone messers should be herded up and shot. x

  28. My three main points have already been said by others but here goes anyway:

    1. Love the top knot

    2. Your brother's a dish

    3. That cake DOES look nice!!

    Oh and Oscar's a total sweetie but that goes without saying :)

    Oh and also, I'm TECHNICALLY an administrator too but that SO does not give my job the gravitas it deserves! Or the pay!!!



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