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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gather round readers, for I am about to let you into a secret. Something not often spoken about on fashion blogs...

I love pyjamas.

We don't talk much about nightwear, or lounging-around-the-house-wear, do we? Well, not unless we are the glamorous types who look good in vintage slips and sassy negligees. I am not, and I don't. I go for full on comfort.

I have pretty pj's:

I have polka dotty pj's:

I have ancient old t-shirts:

I have stripy, checked and starry pj's:

I have pj's made by talented friends:

I even have Womble pj's. Yes, I am that cool.

And non Womble, but equally fun slippers. Mustn't forget them:

I find that there's something immensely comforting about being snuggled up in something cosy, hence I am a big fan of bed and duvets. My holy trifecta is clean sheets, new pj's and clean hair. I have been holed up in bed since Friday feeling gruesome so the clean hair and clean sheets have gone by the wayside (haven't had the energy to even contemplate changing the bedding). I have had lovely new pj's to cheer myself up with though. A small but extremely soft and cosy ray of sunshine in a very glum few days. I like them an awful lot and trust me, I'm not easily pleased when it comes to this type of clothing. Maybe that's something I should add to my CV? Pyjama connoisseur....

Cosy check chillin' out pants c/o Joe Browns


  1. Ohh, I very much agree. You're tempting me to throw aside my planned evening of usefulness and just snuggle up in bed with my crochet.
    My now ex-boyfriend didn't understand pajamas, clearly it was never meant to be. I even reclaimed the (unworn) set I gave him for Christmas last year. Luckily we're staying friends so they don't have bad memories attached.

  2. I am pj OBSESSED. It was one of the things I really loved about moving out of home, I could wear my pjs whenever I liked. Mum would never let me wear them as soon as I came home from school. Witch.

    So now I am on a constant mission to find the perfect pair. The trouble I have is getting a decent length. Pj bottoms that are only just ankle length are the bane of my life - I want them dragging on the floor people!

    And let's not forget about the pj top - need to be loungy and not so revealing that your boob is going to fall out at some point.

    Currently my favourites are a very large checked pj shirt from M&S (particularly drawn to checks when it comes to pjs) and a pair of old leggings that are too big for me. I would seriously wear them to work if I could get away with it.

    GOD I LOVE PYJAMAS. Damn you for writing this post, I want to write one of my own now!

    Hope you feel better soon. I was struck down by the lurgy a couple of weeks ago and felt most miserable with myself indeed.

  3. Sorry to hear you're ill, Alex!
    Even in the most freezing of conditions I never wear anything in bed, I can't bear the feeling of clothes under the covers, it's just wrong. I can't tell you how much of a nightmare being on a shared hospital ward was.
    Get well soon. x

  4. You are not alone. I often get up on a Sunday, have a both, and put on clean PJs for the day ahead... I can often be spotted hanging out washing or gardening in my PJs (I do draw the line at Tesco though... an A-List celeb I am not).
    Clean sheets, new PJs and clean hair? Yes, yes and yes.
    Hope you feel better soonest x

  5. Get well soon Alex!
    I love a PJ, but go through stages of wearing them. I do love my NYPD ones I bought in Vegas.
    My sister is obsessed with pj's.


  6. Like Vix I am an au naturel kind of girl, however I do love fabulous dresing gowns, especially silk vintage one's. Your PJ collection looks very cosy indeed, sorry to hear your feeling grotty, get better soon.

  7. I am quite happy to wear pyjamas - just not to bed. I take them off as soon as I get in - is that weird? I agree with Vix - hospital is an additional nightmare for having to wear anything in bed! Very happy to lounge in them though - I have my eye on some White Company ones but they cost about the same as a whole outfit from Topshop, including shoes.

  8. Yay! I love PJs. I wear nice fleecy bottoms with old promotional t shirts from work

  9. If I could live in my pjs I would!! Hope you feel better soon love! Xo

  10. I love pyjamas!!! I have two bottoms I wear at night (unless they're both in the wash, in which case I feel gloomy) and one pair I lounge about in during the day (they're too warm for nighttimes under the duvet) and they are my comfort best friends and VERY nice to write in. I also have two satin nightshirts that I hardly ever wear because they make me sweat like you wouldn't believe, but they're always so decadent-feeling when I first put them on!

    Ahhh, pjs don't get half as much love as they deserve. Love your collection, Alex!

  11. Yes, Alex, I'm very much drawn to pyjamas too (also socks, sheets and pillow cases to continue the bed theme). Actually I'm drawn to rather a lot of things but never mind. Hope you feel better very soon. xx

  12. yes to pjs! I love snuggly pairs. I have got a pair of zebra print ones for Christmas this year, if hubby remembers to give them to me. Clean sheets is blissful, agreed!

  13. I LOVE PJs, the snugglier the better. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. PJs are the best! I'm always looking for an excuse to wear mine!

  15. i really wish i was more 'classy' in my nightwear choices - i'd love to be the sort of gal who throws on a satin nighty and a lovely silky dressing gown thingimajig..but i'm totally more at home in a pair of (too big) baggy pj bottoms (usually scruffily homemade) and a tshirt from a gig of days gone by..
    what can i say, i'm a pj tramp. :/

  16. I love PJs too! I have to say my favourite ever pair are from the men's section of Matalan!

  17. Yes, I love pajamas!!!! I have far too many too! Love patterned ones, especially ones from Primark!

  18. I'm with you on the PJ front.....currently sporting a blue and white polka dot was a sad day when I finally had to give up my pink-plaid-brushed-cotten pair to the duster-bag under the sink!! Feel better.....

  19. Oh hun I am sorry you are unwell. Sending hug to you. Hope you feel better soon.

    I love this post even though I don't wear them to sleep in! I do however enjoy lounging in them and everyone has now seen my comfy slippers!

    X x

  20. It's funny,I DO adore to be cosy,but I just don't wear PJ's!! Not that I don't think they're cute...I just can't bear wearing anything in bed,and if I'm really lazy or sick and can't be arsed getting dressed,it'll just be a housecoat,I guess.Womble PJs however,could change my mind!!HOW FRIGGING ADORABLE!!! Slippers,though...nah.I just wear socks! I think really I prefer to spend my dollars on pretty frocks!! But,O,YES,the feeling of clean sheets.......MMMM.G's the bed monitor in our household,he takes care of all that!!
    PS-don't fret about not making it over to comment ALL the time!It's difficult to keep up with everyone!! XXX

  21. You have womble jim jams?
    Will you marry me?

  22. I so agree that pj's are the best in fact i have the blue and white pair you pictured first! I'm jelous of your wombles pair :] xxxxxxx

  23. I absolutely LOVE pyjamas! I fully confess to being a pyjamas freak, my pyjama collection is fairly extensive. Actually, I own quite a lot of bedding too. What can I say, I love my bed!

  24. Nice collection!

  25. I'm so with you on this. I wish I got even a smidgen as excited about getting dressed in the morning, as I do upon getting home and the SECOND I get through the door, putting my PJs on. Mine are nowhere near as nice as yours, in fact my favourite pair of PJ bottoms are over 10 years old and pretty much threadbare (sexy) but that doesn't stop me being continually on the hunt for the perfect nightwear, much as I suspect more normal folk are continually hunting out the perfect LBD or jeans.
    Now all I can think about is that I don't have Womble PJs. This makes me sad...

    xxx Maddie

  26. Womble PJS! I remember getting excited every Christmas when I was little to get new pyjamas xx

  27. All hail the PJ Queen!
    Hope this finds you feeling 100% better and enjoying the weather.
    So pleased the bags cheered you up...did you find the belt? Not sure if you are a 'belt' person, but if not, I'm sure you know someone who is!
    Big, get-better-soon hugs,
    Z xx

  28. Ooh yes pjs! Love love your womble ones - which also annoys me a bit cause I cant buy normal pjs cause of my stupid long arms and legs.... If you feel like sending Long Tall Sally an 'inspirational' pic on my behalf that would be great ;)

  29. It appears we all love PJ's, i love them in winter, but i'm also a nightie fan, silky impractical ones appeal to me the most x

  30. I love PJs too and often mismatch my bottoms with a favourite old tee I cant bear to throw away (and because i feel funny if i'm too matchy matchy).

    I love the pair at the end from Joe Browns!!

  31. I am so envious of those Womble pj’s, I must admit I’m quite partial to a Womble. You do in fact have the best collection of sleepwear I have seen in a long time Alex xxx

  32. WOMBLE PJs!!! Argh, I have PJ envy now, I only have three pairs that I alternate :(

    Hope you're feeling better now! xx


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