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An Outfit Post Abroad

Friday, 23 September 2011

I do sometimes think it would be lovely to live in a permanently warm climate. Then I go on holiday, come back with painfully sunburnt upper thighs (remembered to apply suntan lotion everywhere but there) and remember that I actually don't cope that well with dressing properly in hot weather. It would be impossible for me to look even halfway presentable - I'd always be sweaty, covered in suntan lotion or sand or have my hair tied back up so it didn't annoy me. I'm much safer in the UK.

That's a long winded way of explaining why there aren't very many pics of me on holiday wearing anything very nice. I managed a few though:

Please ignore my matronly upper arms. They only ever see the light of day on holiday.

I should take all my blog photos in cloisters.

Or on cathedral roofs.

Dress - Primark via ebay
Sandals - Primark
Sunnies - Marks & Spencer

Beachfront ones are more tricky though. It was so windy this night (hence the scragged back hair) and I kept getting blown off balance whilst trying to stand still and have my photo taken.

Dress - Peacocks via car boot sale
Cardi - Topshop, present from the ever-lovely and generous Char
Shoes - Dolcis
Watch - shop in Barcelona
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Bag - H&M via car boot sale
Toenails - Barry M Spring Green

And despite the fact that this is a total out-take shot (I should have a special folder entitled Alex Arses Up The Self-Timer), I am showing it to you because...duh duh duh... I found some green trousers! Aren't they quite fantastically green? Expect a proper outfit post featuring them soon.

(Pa demanded credit for his photography so here goes - thanks Dad! Awesome holiday companion that you are.)


  1. That third pic down of you ( not the glasses) is stunning! Re matronly upper arms, I remember that even Princess Diana had curiously undefined upper arms despite all her gym club fixation. And as for the green trousers - your bum looks bootylicious in them.

  2. Gorgeous, i have the first dress in green and love it. The green trousers are rather fabulous x

  3. You look fab in all of them. Loving the black sandals.

    As for the green trousers I am very jealous! Not only are they my favourite colour trousers eva, but your butt looks sooooo good!

    X x

  4. O,how bloody fabulous!!! You look simply divine and relaxed,dressed perfectly for a European vacay!!!The first frock is gorgeous,and GREEN TROUSERS! Hurrah!

  5. I love your second outfit, and the action shot of the green trousers!

  6. Oh I love the speedy green trousers shot!

    The only photograph of me in Malta where I'm wearing a nice dress is unpublishable as the wind has blown it up and you can see my pants. Sadly it's more 'before' picture in a Spanx advert than Marilyn Monroe.

  7. I always manage to take all the wrong clothes on holiday! I love your green toenails xxx

  8. Oh Alex, LOVE that last pic, can't wait to see the trousers for real mind.

  9. your green trousers look fab! i lovelovelove hot climes, could easily live in spain all year round. even when i get there and it is too hot and you cannot move and just wanna be naked, i love it. scott on the other hand cannot tolerate any temperatures above 25 degrees...

  10. You look fab, Alex. I could easily live in hot climes all year round and never understand my lovely Spanish readers complaining or the incessant heat and wishing for coat season.
    That green bum shot is brilliant. x

  11. The dress in the first 2 pics is lovely on you. What is it about legs and the sun - the top bits always get frazzled and the lower bits remain milk bottle white! xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  12. Wow! How fab is the last photo, it is really sassy!

    The first dress reminds me of french lingerie, I love it! And green tootsies - divine!

  13. You don't look horrid in these photos (or whatever words you used that basically meant that!) You look fab! Soo loving the green trousers! I can attest to the 'living in a hot climate thing'- I lived in Bali for a year and fantasised about winter!

  14. Ouchh, I got sunburnt too earlier in the summer when I was at a festival, (my knees were burning for days after, felt like I could barely walk :S) hope yours are feeling better now m'dear! Love your dress in the first pic btw. hope you had a lovely holiday!

  15. Love your outfits and hurrah for green trousers! I'm very envious, I've not found a pair.

  16. I love the black dress. A lot of my photos from holiday feature underarm fat hanging over my dress, gross. I wish I could just float around in white linen

  17. Ha, love the last one - look at all your hair! I know what you mean, I always feel my least attractive on holiday - clammy, red, clogged up with sun lotion, blisters on my feet where my sandals have rubbed (because let's face it, I very rarely don't wear socks in England!), sunburn, wild frizzy hair .... beautiful!

    (Thanks so much for your app recommendations - will be checking those out!)

  18. I don't know what your worrying about Alex, lovely pics of you.

  19. really love that first dress with the white floral lace detailing, its so pretty :)

  20. The green jeans shot is brilliant - oh how many of those type of shots do I have!
    Loving the sandals and green toes and think you look fab in your black dress.
    Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  21. You look lovely in your holiday pics :) I'm very jealous!

    Looking forward to seeing more of the new green trousers? Are they chinos, from Primark, by any chance?
    Only because my sister bought some the other week, that look REALLY rather similar to that - she's been living in 'em since she got them! I got the grey ones (& bright blue, ahem) & they're SO comfy & easy to wear :)

  22. Haha! I have the same 'want to live abroad but am generally too pale and sweaty' might be ok if I worked in an air con bubble but then what's the point? The green trousers are lush! Look forward to seeing them x


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