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October Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

All I am going to say about the October challenge is thank goodness I work where I do. Most of these were taken at work during the Halloween event.


Over the River Mersey towards the Wirral. I had one of the settings on my camera slightly off so this was a complete accident!

A black cat:

This is a little tin thing I've had since I was about 6.

Crunchy leaves:

My overwhelming memory of October has been sog. The leaves were almost never crunchy; they were soggy and wet and stuck to my shoes all month. Resorted to some trees in the end.


So despite the sog, we never actually had any fog or mist *shakes fist at the weather*


My new effalump ring


It counts, right? Very old graffiti, anyway.
ETA - I *think* it just says one to fourteen



I think I had too much choice for this one. Honestly, I could have taken a picture of just about anything and it would have qualified.


Yup, at work, during the Halloween event.

Something eerie:

There's a ghost story associated with it but I won't dash your hopes and explain how inaccurate it is...


The Mersey. There's usually more water in it, honest.

Witch's hat/broomstick:

Both! In your FACE scavenger hunt challenge!

Thanks, as always, to Kathy for organising this. You can see everyone else's collections here.


  1. Your black cat is gorgeous!
    What does the graffiti say? I can't make it out.

  2. The 'accidental' setting has made for a wonderful, atmospheric photo. What a beaut! And vintage graffiti; that's a new one on me! How old IS it?
    Your workplace is such a stunning place...I will come and visit it one day.(And you too!).
    Z xx

  3. Cool photos, the accidental one turned out great! xx

  4. Super photos! Your sunset is so beautiful:)

  5. Ha awesome ring, altho that picture below your defiant looking pumpkin is def creepy! :)

  6. i totally missed out on pumpkin carving this year, the rangers wanted to do it and there were no pumpkins a few wks ago, and then by the time yday came for guides halloween party, there were none left! i quite like them, but not sure what i would have done with it so maybe not a bad thing after all.
    love the sunset picture!!

  7. Loving these piccies :) The sunset is just gorgeous!

  8. What great photos - I like your graffiti!

  9. Lovely photos - your take on 'mist' made me laugh. Please will you tell us what the graffiti says - I can't make it out? Thanks.

  10. I had the same problem with the soggy leaves! Gah! Love the graffiti and our Candlelit pics are very similar :) x

  11. Great idea for the mist - a bit like mine with the 'Graffiti' one!!!!!

    You just have to cheat sometimes don't you?

  12. I know i've said this before but I am so jealous of where you work

  13. i really like your fog one, it made me giggle

  14. Love these photos - great thinking for the fog! And very jealous of your workplace - beautiful!

  15. I love your crunchy leaves and pumpkin photos. Brilliant idea for mist too!

  16. Ha ha - in your face scavenger hunt :-)
    Great pictures and I can only imagine the ghost story...

  17. I only got one misty day and fortunately got a shot of it. Stupid soggy leaves too!
    Love your sunset shot!

  18. Love these photos and like everybody else, adored the "accidental" one :) I love scavenger challenges btw!

  19. I hear you have completed your 50,000 word challenge! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! And well done on such crisp lovely photos!

  20. Lovely photos Alex, where did you get your elephant ring from?! It's amazing :)

  21. I missed your last post (don't know why but you don't show up on my blog reader thingy) Oscar is a beaut!! He's lush, and I'm a dog person.
    Anyway onto the scavenge hunt, good work, I love the sunset picture, beautiful colours.

  22. Well scavenged. I don't know why but I never realised the Mersey was tidal, one of those daft thisng you never consider!

  23. I love these posts :) Such a fun idea xx

  24. I love these photos! Your River comment made me giggle too :) Lovely photo of crunchy leaves and i do love the graffiti, the older the better in my opinion!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog too :) Now following x

  25. Great photos, I especially like the sunset and the golden tress ones. Hope to see you on the next Scavenger Hunt.

  26. Great photos! I love candelit and the foggy graffiti...LOL!

  27. Lovely photos. I love your idea for the fog, inspired.


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