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Fond of a Bargain

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sometimes it's not until I get to the end of an outfit post and list where everything is from that I realise quite how much I shop in sales.  It's not because I actively like sales shopping - far from it.  You will not find me outside Next at 4am on Boxing Day (apologies to any readers who like to do this but I think you are MENTAL), nor will you find me elbowing other women out of the way in search of the perfect pair of cheap jeans.  I don't see shopping as a competitive sport.  I just wander round the shops every now and then and if I see something that's cheap, nice and wearable, I buy it.  I don't tend to buy things full price because I am a skinflint (notable exception = Irregular Choice shoes).

This whole outfit cost under £30.  If I'd bought all the elements of it at full price, well I can't actually tell you how much it would have cost, but easily double that.  Possibly triple.  I don't tend to remember the label price, just the price I actually paid.  I am a great one for going "Ha! Only £7 in the sale!" when people compliment me on things.  Should probably try and stop doing that actually...

The frock is tres cute but a wee bit clingy, so doesn't always look great when photographed.  Here I am breathing in quite a lot:

And here, pulling quite the odd face.  Best of a bad bunch I'm afraid.

Dress - River Island sale
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins sale
Jacket - H&M sale
Scarf - People Tree, birthday present
Bracelet - Shared Earth sale


  1. Shiny shoes! LOVE shiny shoes!
    So very Jubilee too!
    The scarf is what completes this.

  2. There is nothing like flaunting a great bargain, especially when it looks so great on. So what if it annoys other people. In fact that should be ESPECIALLY when it annoys...

  3. I love a bargain and I most admit I enjoy showing off when I have got a bargain! I love your scarf xxx

  4. Ooohh lovely frock, and red mary janes, wow! I'm a big sale fan too most everything I wear is sale or charity shop!
    Love your scarf too, specs = cool.
    Kandi x

  5. I buy most of my clothes in sales too, it's very rare of me to buy something full price. I tend to stumble upon the sale rails by accident- and they are usually always abandoned. Love that dress and the scarf is so you xxx

  6. I adore that scarf, so cute. The dress is lovely, I read somewhere that spraying the inside if garments with hairspray stops cling, I've tried it a few times and so far it's worked.
    Love a bit of a bargain, which probably explains my growing eBay addiction.

  7. Next sale is hideous - never understood the appeal, it's not even like the clothes are that nice! The specs scarf is very cute x

  8. I do that thing too 'Oh do you like it? It was only a tenner, should have been thirty'.. Apparently it's not very ladylike to do that, but I've decided I don't care! Jen x

  9. Oh my god I LOVE a bargain! totally loving the 60s vibe of this outfit, I'm all about little mary janes!


  10. I too proudly blurt out how much I (didn't) spend on anything. I ought to give it a rest really. Love that dress, you made it the centre of a tres chic outfit.
    (I am forever doing the tummy clench pose)

  11. Lovely outfit, very fitting considering it's coming up to Jubilee! I also love being able to say 'it was in the sale!', bargain hunting is one of my favourite pastimes. Although I agree with you, I'd never queue at 4am for a sale - that's just mad! x

  12. I do the same, "It was £3, in the sale!!" :)
    Love the colours together, and the print on the scarf is fab.

  13. Love this outfit! You can't beat a bit of red white and blue =)
    Agree about 4am sale shoppers, no bargain is worth it!
    The glasses scarf is particularly cute =)

  14. I get told off for doing that. 'Stop boasting about the tiny price, you sound cheap!' Um...I am! Love the dress in the last post as well and the mini petticoat idea. DP strikes again! x


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