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An Irregular Collection

Friday, 25 May 2012

Irregular Choice shoes.  My one weakness.  Well, other than books, mini Party Rings, green hoodies, oh the list is actually quite long, isn't it?  Let me try again...

Irregular Choice shoes.  I love them.  Not as much as some fellow bloggers who shall remain nameless, but as much as my budget and cupboard space will allow.

It all started off with this pair.  An impulse ebay purchase.  I call them my Minnie Mouse shoes.

Then I bought myself this pair from Schuh - full price and they weren't cheap! You know I'm a bargain hunter but I don't begrudge a single penny I spent on these. I adore them.

Then, in no particular order and from a variety of sources (ebay, charity shops, Schuh, presents, presents via ebay), came the rest of them:

The two most recent pairs are quite different, but both entirely awesome in their own particular ways.  It's been a good few months since I bought them though and I'm rather itching for a new pair...

I don't think I need to explain why I love them so much.  Yes, some of the styles Irregular Choice come up with are utterly mental.  Others are just plain ugly.  But you don't need to go far to find a pair that you fall absolutely in love with.  For me, it's all about the details:

I don't think Oscar quite approves of my shoe buying ways though.


  1. You absolutely don't need to explain. Lovely things to look at. But I bet they're damned uncomfortable! The only way I can reconcile myself to NOT having any.

  2. Irregular Choice = Excellent Choice, love the green and white spots.

  3. Wow what a fantastic selection ,I envy you ,I am 71 now and because of back problems can no longer wear heels,but see you have some amazing flatties Jan xx

  4. That's an amazing collection. The jade ones with the jewelled frog are my favourites. Shoes like these can transform an outfit.

  5. That really is a quite excellent collection!

  6. They are stunning. i think you and Char are addicted slightly and why not I say.

    X x

  7. wow. Such a great collection, I am envious!

  8. The ones with the kitty cat print on them are my faves, obv ;) x

  9. Impressive!
    I have nothing but envy for this collection!

  10. Ugh I'm beside myself with jealousy right now. I don't even know what to say.

    (I am on Twitter by the way - @Shippers1983 - I have no idea what I'm doing.)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Do you think Oscar was eyeing up the cat pair on the sly? Love those, but I think my faves are the red and black florals with the red flowers on the front.
    I tend to find the heeled pairs just a bit too high and a lot of the low ones have pointy toes, which is a bit of a bete noir with me! I did buy the tape measure high heeled ones, which they now do lower! Hey-ho!
    Got anything planned for the Jubilee W/E at work/home? I'm looking forward to watching the river parade on tele on Sunday and not having to do much else!!
    Z xx

  13. I love your shoe porn! They are so you and they are fab xx

  14. Ha ha frowned upon by the cat! What a great post, aww I had the same style as your first ones as my first ones though I had the gingham with the strawberry on the toe. Really like you new cat ones so cute!

  15. I love this post. That is all.


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