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May Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, 31 May 2012

I am turning into Lucy Lastminute when it comes to the scavenger hunt.  You'd think a month would be enough notice, wouldn't you, but I realised last night I only had 6 out of the 12 photos organised.  Cue the usual last minute scramble!

Thanks as always to Kathy for organising it.  Here are my efforts:


I am fairly confident that I win at life for getting this photo.  Best station name EVER.  (Helpful translation - it means St Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of Llantysilio of the red cave) 


HaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhIloveOscarveryverymuch.  Don't you just want to dive into that photo and kiss his little nose?  No?  Just me?


My two non-alcoholic drinks of choice.  Glass of water, black coffee with half a sugar.


The average contents of my purse.  I hate carrying cash round with me so there are hardly ever any notes in there.


I wish this could be in smellovision, I really do.  They line the sides of a path at work and it smells amazing when you walk along it.

 Front page:

Of a 1937 newspaper on display at Plas Newydd.

 Good things:

Sunshine, Calippo, new minty coloured pumps, freckly knees.  All good things.


A May Day feast, Tudor style. Definitely historic.


Walking to the pub whilst on a family camping trip in Anglesey last weekend.  There are nine people in this photo, honest there are.  You just can't quite see some of them properly.

 Do you see what I see?

It's the sea of course! And Holyhead Mountain, which I was forced to climb TWICE.  Right up to that very top bit!  On an exceedingly hot day too.

 Small packages:

Self and maman.  We are small people.  I am looking super quizzical in this photo for some odd reason.


It was this eyeblindingly yellow in real life.  No idea what the plant is called, but it's jolly cheerful.


  1. Mmmm...calippo. Made from callipers and hippos according to Eddie Izzard.


  2. I think you've done well there for a Lastminute Lucy! I would kiss Oscar's nose there too, I was going to do a cat nose for this but then, er, didn't really get going! JUNE, I promise! xx

  3. Isn't that just the cutest little nose?

  4. I almost miss N Wales seeing your lovely pictures... Almost... Loving the look of theTudor Feat too.

  5. You've definitely got the best station name! And I really like the front page one.

  6. Awwwww I'd give his nose a kiss, it appears we suffer the same kitty obsession :-)

  7. That station is just brilliant, full marks on that one! I do love Calippos, mmm.

  8. Fab photos. My thats a mouthful for a station name!

    X x

  9. Well done on a fab selection. Station is truly excellent and Oscar is a beauty.
    Lisa x

  10. A great selection! I can't believe you have seen the real station of that name! I know the song about it and I have a mug with it on it, but to see the actual station! IMPRESSIVE!!!! That cat's nose is totally adorable!
    (and though quizzical, I see a hint of a smile there! You look pretty!)

  11. Fantastic pictures, I'd kiss Oscars nose too. Those flowers look like "poached egg plant".

  12. Great photos, I enjoyed them all!

  13. Oh, beyond a shadow of a doubt you win the prize for "station"...I love it.

  14. A great group of photos, I like the nose so cute and yellow.

  15. Loved how you captured your cat with the nose - I've seen my cat do that one. Did I ever take a photo when he was so cute - no! I didn't think it got hot in the UK. Good photos. I had to do a last minute scramble of photos too.

  16. The pictures are amazing - so full of life). And the station name is a bomb - it's like the longest word i've ever seen)))

  17. What a great selection of photos. I love Oscars nose and the poached egg plant and the name of the station.

  18. Yep, the station name is a winner and the cutest nose yet! Sooooo sweet. This didn't look like a last minute selection - great shots! Ellen x

  19. From one Alex to another! Loved nose best of all. Brilliant shot!

  20. Great photos :-) Very cute nose, love the lilac - I almost chose lilac too - the smell is just stunning isn't it?

  21. I love the first photo, what a mouthful of a name :-)

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