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Saturday, 14 July 2012

I bought myself some jewellery this month.  Quite a rare thing for me, as my jewellery buying tends to consist of scooping up rings in the Dorothy Perkins sales and little else.  I hit my favourite Etsy shop, MerCurios, instead.  MJ created my favourite ring ever (seen at the top of this post ) but I was in the mood for something a little bigger this time.

Because it's all handmade and personalised (and because MJ is a lovely person who doesn't mind you asking "um, could I have it a bit more like this?"), you can get exactly what you want.  I liked this necklace but thought it would be a teensy bit big for me, so my fancy fell upon this one, except that my chosen phrase was a bit too long.  Et voila, a cross between the two is now mine!

As for the chosen phrase, it's from Coriolanus.  For him, it's about turning his back on the city that has banished him.  For me, it's nowhere near as dramatic: I don't exactly live the life of a Shakespearean hero!  I do spend quite a lot of time in the world of my fictional characters though, so it partly reminds me of that and partly acts as a general reminder that annoying though everyday life may sometimes be, this isn't all there is. 

It hangs to just the perfect length and looks lovely - what more could you want?  For a more full-length view, I'm wearing it in my last outfit post, although it's mostly obscured by hair and tucked up a bit higher than usual by my collar.

Next on my wish list is one of these beautiful bracelets, if I can ever work out what I want on it.  There's just too much quotable literature! 

Usual disclaimer applies - this is not a sponsored post (I make it clear if I'm doing one of them), it's just an item and a seller that I absolutely love.


  1. I LOVE this! It's beautiful and I like your chosen phrase. I bet loads of people are now bookmarking MerCurios. I know my Christmas list may have got that little bit longer.

  2. Oh wow, that is beautiful Alex! I love the line you chose - and what quality service! Xo

  3. This is beautiful and even more so due to being personalised. What a great find.

  4. Great necklace - i love personalised stuff, going to check out the shop now :) x

  5. oh, what a lovely quote. It sounds like that seller is a true treasure

  6. This is lovely, I'm going to get something from there for my best friend's 30th. Just need to think of a suitable quote... x

  7. Ooh! That's really pretty :)

  8. I love personalised stuff- this is really cute!

  9. Oh Alex, this is incredible,

    I'm going to treat myself when I reach my goal :)


  10. MerCurios is amazing. I got a ring last year and wear it most days. The necklace is lovely, as are the bracelets. Genius jewellery design.

  11. Ooh it's really pretty, like that you get to pick the message! :)


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