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If Wishes Were Clothes, My Wardrobe Would Be A Lot Bigger

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Do you ever have wishes about clothing?  You must do.  I am forever browsing the rails in shops and thinking "I wish this came in a different pattern/wasn't made of vile sweaty polyester/wasn't so flipping expensive/wasn't emblazoned with logos" (delete as appropriate, unless the shop is River Island in which case they probably all apply).  My main wish at the moment is that this top came in a different base colour.  I love it so hard but I've tried it on about six times and it still hasn't stopped making me look sallow as hell.  I wanted the dress version (like this but with a cat print top half) even more but it did not suit me at all. Sad Alex.

This is about the only pale top I really have in my wardrobe and I think it escapes the sallow trap by virtue of being so print heavy.  I do still have a wish about it - I wish the shape was a teensy bit different as I have a horror of it looking like a maternity smock - but basically the print is so flipping amazing that I will forgive it a lot.

I call it my vintage ladies top.  I like it very much.
Blazer - Warehouse via Oxfam
Top - Uttam London @ Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Marks & Spencer Limited Collection


  1. I love the print on that top! And your shoes are pretty fierce, too x

  2. Stunning ladies.
    Amazing boots!
    Z xx

  3. I do this alllllll the time. It's usually the price tag that puts me off though. Ahhh to be rich :(

    Looking lovely here, the top is fab xxx

  4. I love quirky prints, this one is lovely! There are SO many times I've had wishes, I recently tried on a dress/top thingy in H&M, it was perfect apart from the length. Too short for tights or leggings, but the style looked very weird when I tried it with a shirt :( x

  5. That print is amazing, and it doesn't look like a maternity smock at all! Xo

  6. one heck of a lovely print! Those shoe/boots are ruddy amazing, they are exactly what I would like.
    Could you dye the top? x

  7. Now that is a gorgeous print. I think a bright necklace would pep it up just perfectly. Something that sits onto the fabric or a light weight scarf in a jewel colour perhaps? I have these wishes all the time, that or I wish to change my shape or colouring to suit. I adore yellow Fir example but it makes me look so ill!

  8. Gorgeous top...may have to search for something similar myself.

  9. This top is AMAZING and I love those boots! Maybe wear with a bright skirt to feel less sallow (which you don't look btw!)

    Maria xxx

  10. I love the print! The boots are amazing as well.
    I constantly have wardrobe wishes. Most of them relate to price!

  11. It's a great print on the top and those boots are fantastic! (I wish I didn't have such fat feet that shoes never fit)

  12. No way are those boots marks & spencers!

    Have you tried the top on outside a changing room? Often the lighting can be what makes you look sallow(/untoned/plain hideous lol). I'm quite pale and I always avoided light colours like the plague, but I've started wearing more cream and white and apparently it looks fine. Maybe it's choosing the right shade though, there's a fine line for me between fresh and washed out

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

  13. Loving the print of this top, very unusual. As for the boots, they are fabulous.

    X x

  14. OMG love this blouse so much! I don't seem to suit pale colours either, I'm ok with white but pastels just do not agree with me :)

  15. My problem is stuff being that static-y material that sticks to you, I seem to be especially bad!

    I have to say I'm loving River Island at the mo - they used to be awful AND overpriced but they have so much in that I love at the mo, give them another chance!

    Love your ladies top, I had a skirt similar a while back but it was made of that static-y material I mentioned :(

  16. I love it, but I know exactly what you mean about wishing things were a little different - I have so many items like that in my wardrobe; my wish is that I would actually get around to changing the ones I could fix with the sewing machine!


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