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June Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hasn't June been an odd month?  It feels like it's gone by super-fast, yet the start of the month feels like it was about 6 years ago.  I can't quite reconcile the two.  Anyway, it's Scavenger Hunt time!  Thanks, as always, to Kathy for picking the categories.

At night:

Open-air theatre on a glorious summer night is one of the best things in the world. Even if it does feature terrifying witches.


It's highly unlikely that this is real diamond jewellery - I don't come from that sort of family. Pretty though! So let's pretend it's real.


 King Eider looking noble at the vet's inspection at Bramham. What a lovely horse.


Just before a HUGE raincloud came across the river and soaked us.  Gahhhhhh.  The sun was cracking the flags when we set out!


Nice name for a road, isn't it?

Out of reach:

Waaah, my beloved shoes are so high up! Or I'm so short.  One of the two.  Either way, it requires a mini stepladder to reach them.


Tudor style.

On the edge:

You'd have to be on the edge of sanity to sleep in this.  Eek, imagine rolling over in the middle of the night and plummeting off the edge!  I still find it quite impressive though.


This was after about an hour of painstakingly redoing the lettering on my Grandad Jim's headstone.  Fiddly work!


On a caravan. How terribly British.


I may have spent a good 50% of this month blowing my nose but at least my tissues have crowns on them. Ah, the joys of shopping in Historic Royal Palaces gift shops!


Well it was never going to be anything other than Oscar, was it? I make crazy cat lady noises when he sleeps like this.


  1. At night is great! Diamond is really lovely. Yes don't know about sleeping in that tent.

  2. Cripes that tent is quite something!
    I love the night one.

  3. Oscar is definitely my favourite, but I do love the symmetry one and that tent is madness!
    Lisa x

  4. I would never sleep in that (or any) tent. How lovely of you to repaint your grandfather's headstone.

    The theatre photograph is especially dramatic. The lighting really captures the mood.


  5. Oh my goodness, the open air theatre looks amazing! Was it Macbeth you saw? (I hope you don't mind, I've linked to you from my June Scavenger hunt. You're welcome to look!)
    Your cat is utterly adorable! Poor you re the cold- NOT fun in the summer!

  6. Lovely photos, I know what you mean about June it definitely has been a strange month in more ways than one! I flicked the Tudor symmetry photo and I too would have some concerns sleeping in that tent!

  7. That first photo is amazing, full of drama and atmosphere. As for the tent, not even I'm crazy enough to sleep up that high. I would be the one crashing to the floor in the middle of the night.

    X x

  8. Love these! Haha I need a step-up to reach my upper wardrobe too. Why do they make them so high? I reckon we should be able to buy hobbit-houses, and the tall people should crouch mwhaha!

  9. I love the first pic - stunning

  10. What a great set of photos, and fun too! I love 'on the edge'! 'at night' looks very dramatic!

  11. That tent is terrifying!

    Maria xxx

  12. Lovely photos, I especially liked your interpretation of close.


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