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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Goodness me, I feel as if I've forgotten how to get dressed recently, let alone do an outfit post.  I am fighting a joint battle against the last, lingering effects of the plague (I have been blowing my nose for 10 days now - it is SORE) and trying to reduce the overwhelming amounts of stuff that I own. More on the decluttering saga at a later date, but in brief - so much stuff.  No room.  Am living surrounded by towering heaps of crap that I don't know what to do with.  Help.

Despite the fact that I've actually done some ironing for once (I know, right? I'm as surprised by this as you are), it doesn't mean clothes are actually accessible at the moment.  I just cast my eye over the easily reachable things and went: t-shirt, yup, shorts, yup, still not warm enough to go bare legged so tights, yup, boots, yup.  This pair were so desperate to be worn that they fell out of the wardrobe and threw themselves across the room.

Note to self.  Don't take outfit photos at 5pm.  You look crumpled.
Tshirt - Hero and Cape
Shorts - H by Henry Holland, Debenhams sale
Boots - Aldo, Asos sale
Rings - Landbaby (owl) and Dorothy Perkins sale (white)


  1. 'ello, stranger!
    Nice boots.
    Don't talk to me about crap. I am the QUEEN of crap! Have been ploughing thru' my wardrobe and dressing table. (And the floor and under the bed...) Deep sigh!
    Z xx

  2. Ah I love that t-shirt.
    I desperately need to ebay a ton of stuff, but just can't find the time lately, it's piling up in the bedroom threatening to cover me whilst I sleep!!
    Hope you feel 100% soon. xx

  3. this tshirt makes me smile and i love the owl ring. i feel like my clothes are going to swallow me up soon - must declutter!

  4. Oh I feel you on the clutter issue! sometimes I just look at my room like HOW?! How can I own so much!!
    One day they'll find me buried beneath a pile of clothes and makeup and shoes and bags and god knows what else- Ah, what a good way to go though :).

    That top is rad as well <3 x

  5. Love love love that T-shirt!

    Totally feel your pain about the clutter. I came close to tears the other day because I was so stressed with the amount of dust coated junk in my house. Desperately need a spring/summer clean and general sort out xx

  6. "Am living surrounded by towering heaps of crap that I don't know what to do with. Help."
    Oh you have NO idea how much I identify with this!

  7. Oh Alex, I hope your plague has ceased!

    I love those shorts <3

  8. Get well soon Alex! I love your boots infinitely. I daren't even try to de-clutter, it's only ended badly before.

  9. Love that T shirt! Makes me want to get my glasses out. I also have the cold that you have I'm on day 8 today and my nose is sore and I've already lots a piercing to the plauge! x

  10. I’m very much in my own de-cluttering saga, when will a girl ever learn to stop buying tat and embrace space. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  11. I LOVE that ring and those shorts are awesome!

    Maria xxx

  12. I hate clutter, but naturally create a lot of it so am constantly fighting against myself! Nice, effortless-looking outfit though; that ring is really really cute! Jen x

  13. The t-shirt is FAB, I think I've seen the slogan somewhere else and I just love it

  14. Glad you're feeling better. A good tidy up and sort out is very therapeutic, good luck with it :)

  15. How pretty is the owl ring! Hope you are feeling better now xx

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  16. Ha ha ha - I told myself that this was the weekend when I would rediscover my bedroom flor! I had visions of matching coat hangers all facing in the same direction and my clothes organized by category and colour evenly spaced in my wardrobe. I even imagined a fab DIY project for organizing my jewelery. Of course it's late Sunday might and once again I have pent the weekend faffing about, reading, eating and generally avoiding all housework. No doubt I will get dressed for work tomorrow by rummaging though the piles on floor/ end of bed/ chair ...sigh!
    Love your blog by the way - you always look fabulous !

  17. Haha, ironing is a fairly rare occurrence for myself also! I love the owl ring, and that t-shirt is fab :-)

    Nat x

  18. I LOVE your t-shirt! And the the owl ring is so cute, great blog!

  19. That shirt is fantastic! For the record, girls make passes at those girls, too ;)


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