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Red, White and Ooooh

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Do you ever think to yourself "Oh I've got loads of shoes/accessories/cardigans"?  I do it all the time, mostly when struggling to cram things into my annoyingly small wardrobe.  Yet when it comes down to it, it doesn't mean I actually vary my style choices that much.

Perhaps it's because of storage issues or because I'm terrible at doing the ironing but I often stick to the same cardi for several different outfits, or will wear one set of earrings or necklace for about two weeks in a row.  I don't even notice I'm doing it until I actually put two sets of outfit photos together like I have here.  Both outfits were worn over the Jubilee weekend (I know, I know, I am late at posting the pictures.  Don't all hit me with your discarded bunting) and are on the red, white and blue side of things,  so perhaps that's another reason why.  After all, even I don't need more than one pair of red Mary Janes.

What I do need is pretty much every sort of leg and foot related accessory that M&S Limited Collection are producing at the moment.  Check out the socks. 

I know they're not odd but I believe I've already mentioned at some point that knee high socks are the exception to the Odd Sock Law.

Shorts & tshirt - H&M
Cardi - Matalan
Socks - Marks & Spencer Limited Collection
Shoes and necklace (it's actually a headband) - Dorothy Perkins sale
Bangles & ring - Primark

And the tights!  Ooooh, aren't they just amazing?!

It's London.  On my legs!
Dress - via New Life
Cardi - Tu
Tights - Marks & Spencer Limited Collection
Shoes & headband (actually worn as a headband) - Dorothy Perkins sale

Too, too tempting.  Perhaps I can make room in my tights suitcase and sock drawer just for a few more... After all, I don't think I've ever said "Oh I've got too many tights."


  1. The London tights are indeed amazing.
    I really like the indoor outfit. The glasses are great!

  2. Alex I love the tights and socks!

  3. Amazing is the only word I can come up with for both the socks and tights. (another sentence might be....Want them!)

    X x

  4. I think there's no such thing as 'too much' when it comes to accessories! Just to little storage space!
    LOVE the London tights, they are so awesome? Xo

  5. Those London tights are beyond amazing.

  6. The tights are amazing I may have to pop into town this afternoon to try and nab a pair xx

  7. These outfits are both gorgeous; as everyone above's said, the tights are indeed frickin' fabulous! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  8. I love those London skyline tights, they are amazing! Both outfits look fab, it doesn't matter that the shoes and cardigan are the same in both. Better to have a wardrobe full of things you wear than things you don't. I do the same thing by wearing items over and over again and then not wearing them for ages, I constantly confuse my other half, he is never certain if something is new or old (which can work in my favour ;-) 'oh this? I've had it for ages')

  9. I love the tights!!! I actually thought the socks were wellies at first glance xxx

  10. I love those tights! That red cardi really suits you!

  11. Love these wellies and tights...very patriotic indeed! And I share exactly the shame clothes hoarding issues. I am forever shouting at my wardrobes proclaiming the lies I have absolutely NOTHING to wear whilst my wardrobe itself is nearly overflowing. I wouldn't have it any other way though!

    Gemma x

  12. Socks - cracking!!! I get drawn to the same things time and time again. If I tried to put shoes and accessories in my wardrobe it would be chaos. You need a shoe rack!

  13. I looooved your tights! I also always choose the same accessories, partly it's because I have too much and too much choice bamboozles me so I end up just using the same things for weeks and weeks hehe. I'm like that with handbags and necklaces.

  14. those tights are crazy! what a fun idea x

  15. Those socks may not be odd, but they sure are fabulous. Never seen a pair of tights quite like that, there is nothing wrong with staying loyal to your tastes xxx

  16. Two great outfits even if there is a little overlap! Those tights looks great. Jen x

  17. Eeep, now I really need to get those tights! I was tempted but worried the skyline would be too far up the leg, but they are perfect. And look amazing on you xx

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  18. You can never have too many tights, especially ones as cute as those and I love the knee highs too, very cool. xxx

  19. Those tights are fantastic! xx

  20. I LOVE those London tights! They're absolutely amazing. In fact, they're exactly the kind of thing I want one of my characters to wear - thanks, Alex! :-)

  21. I always think I have way too much everything but when it comes to getting ready I have basically nothing. It's weird :p you look amazing in both your outfits but the london tights absolutely amazed me! Gorgeous hun :) with those cute red heels aswell!


  22. those tights are amazing! <3
    great wellies too :D
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  23. LOVE both those outfits, and that's always been my odd sock rule too - obviously knee highs don't count!

    As I've just moved to London, aren't I OBLIGED to buy those tights?


  24. Ooh I love these! They had a pair of tights in the magazine with crowns all over them! Fabby but too thin for my ladder causing habit... :)

  25. Fabulous, beautiful outfit and stylish.
    parfum pas cher


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