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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sometimes, clothing just doesn't quite work out the way you plan.  In this instance, what I thought was a perfectly respectable length shirtdress on the hanger turned out to be quite indecently short when I got it home and tried it on.  I think H&M has caught New Look-itis.  I am all of 5 feet 2 inches tall - dresses should not be short on me.  I will perhaps forgive it if they're verging on the tunic side of things but this is a shirt dress.  There is no possible way it's meant to be crotch length and especially not on someone my height.  How do you taller people cope?!

Anyway, I didn't want to take it back.  It is a fab addition to #wardrobezoo, so it's staying.  All I needed to do was tuck it in and turn the belt into an impromptu headband.

Top - H&M sale
Blazer - Warehouse via Oxfam
Skirt & ring - Primark
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I'm a full two inches taller than you and I find that dresses are too short. I don't have a problem with flashing my legs but some times I just want something longer. That's a cute top.


  2. I'm 5 foot 2 too, and wonder how people taller manage. So many of my dresses are verging on indecent without tights.

  3. It's awful - even the so-called 'Tall' dresses are too short. I'm thankful for the midi trend which means I now have some knee length dresses!

    The shirt is lovely though and you've been very resourceful - well done! :D x

  4. I'm 5'7 so this would be indecent on me! So hit and miss on the sizing H&M, which is a shame, as they have some great stuff there.
    Love the print, and the 'headband'

  5. It looks great tucked in and what cute bunnies!

  6. I love the top-looks fab tucked in and what a cute print! definitely a keeper :)
    Love Amie

  7. I love the print! I'd like to see it in it's full length cos I'm nosy. i'm not impressed if H&m decides to go too short now as well.

  8. Love this outfit. I tried on the rabbit dress too, it was beyond indecently short and I'm a small 5ft2 too

  9. Even with the length it still looks riveting on you! I love tucking my tops into skirts also. Classy outfit and I want that ring!

    Gemma x

  10. Oh yes, I tried on that shirt dress and found it to be more of a shirt, too x

  11. The inch loss is your gain, loving the 'shirt' with your maxi skirt, looking very swish madam. I really struggle with length on things, and at 5 feet 5, I'm not *that* tall either.

  12. I think designers are deluded when it comes to dress lengths! It looks lovely as a top though! Xo

  13. Awesome print! I just ordered a dress from Topshops Tall range and had to return it cause it was too short! Even the girl in the shop agreed, I'm having the hardest time finding a summer dress long enough this year... :)

  14. H&M stuff is really short! I am 5'7 and sometimes it's indecent!
    This print is so cute though, I would keep it too =)

  15. The lengths of some things are crazy. I am sure they think we should all walk round flashing our pants!

    At least you managed to create a supper cute outfit out of it still.

    X x

  16. I know what you mean about things being too short, I think it's because they forget there needs to be enough material to go over your bum as well!

    Maria xxx

  17. Love that you kept it and made it work another way. The (hem)line between dresses and tunics certainly seems to be blurring.


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