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Day Four

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Be honest with me here. How many things in your wardrobe have you never worn?

I knew when I started this challenge that I didn't have many of them, hence me doing it for a week rather than the full month, but it wasn't until last night that I realised just how much wear I get out of my clothes. There are literally five things in the wardrobe that I have never worn - three of them are dresses that are currently a bit tight over the old wobbly tum and one is a gold sequinned miniskirt which isn't entirely appropriate for anything other than a night out. Of those four, three were bought in the sales and one is vintage from a charity shop. I am clearly more sensible with my money than I realised!

I think it's due to having the shopping mindset of not buying things on a whim.  If I've bought something, it's because I really like it and I've thought about whether I'll wear it and what it'll go with.  Once something has passed this test then I'm usually really excited to wear it and it's very rare that it gets shoved in the wardrobe and forgetten about.

And the fifth thing?  It's this hoody.  Perhaps not something I'd usually put on for an outfit post but you don't see me in trainers etc very often and like I said, I'm scraping the barrel of things to include in this challenge.  I'm not quite sure how I'll last out the rest of the week. It may be time to rope in the accessories - I'm fence judging at an eventing competition on Friday and Sunday and a gold miniskirt will not be suitable!

Plus I can pretend to be a boxer in it.  That never gets old.

I think these trainers are due for the wash or the bin though.  Please excuse their filthy state!

Dress - Primark
Hoody - H&M
Dunlop Green Flash - Schuh
Necklace - gift


  1. The hoody looks so comfy
    I'm like you I really have to analyse if I'm going to buy something, although I do have some things I have bought and never worn

  2. I really like the colour of the hoody and the necklace is very pretty :)

  3. I have one item in my wardrobe that's never been worn- it arrived on Tuesday, and it's a dress. I have one pair of shoes, which I'll be wearing this weekend for an outing. I find it kinda strange to think that anyone could dress themselves for a month with items they've never worn without having to go out and buy something each day. I never stopped to think that maybe I'm better with my clothes purchases than I thought!

  4. Really like this dress. Looks lovely for daytime but could probably be worn in the evening too. Great outfit :) x

  5. Man, I should probably be more like you. I buy stuff on a whim all the time (especially 'bargains'). More often than not though, I have stuff I used to wear a lot and now don't. Shoes though, there are a lot of shoes I've either never worn or worn once. I may start a shoeseum.

  6. I used to have those trainers and they ended in a very similar state to yours..I came home from college one day to find my mum had thrown them out! How rude!

  7. I bung trainers in the washing machine when they are on the brink. Most of them survive it and look much better!

  8. I started the challenge with the never worn items and have moved onto the rarely worn. The idea was really to wear something different everyday to take my mind off of a self imposed spending ban - and it seems to have worked so far...
    Everyone needs a hoody and ancient pair of trainers!

  9. I only ever buy clothes I love so I don't think I have this problem! Although I have some super thick jumpers i got recently which I haven't worn because it is just too warm!

    Maria xxx


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