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Two Nights in Liverpool

Friday, 31 August 2012

I've been doing some post-work gallivanting this week. It's a joy to live so close to such a vibrant, amazing city. Ten minutes on the train and I'm here:

Wednesday evening saw me rendezvous with my brother as we had an invitation to visit La Tasca and check out their cocktail and mini tapas offer. 

Princess Leia buns and Mojitos are a good combination, yes?

It got top marks from me.  We ate like kings - the staff were lovely and brought over all sorts of different little nibbles for us to try.  I've established I still can't bear olives (does this come with age? If so, I'm running out of time!) but everything else was utterly delicious.  Plus it's always a good sign when cocktails taste like they contain alcohol rather than just fruit juice!  I can report that the mojitos and strawberry daiquiris get my seal of approval.

Then last night I went on a ship!  Well, Liverpool is a maritime city.  It wasn't completely out of the blue - I didn't get chatted up by a sailor or anything. I'm a member of Fact Fifty and we get invited to exhibition previews and other cultural type events throughout the year.  This was a private evening tour of the Kathleen and May.  I know next to nothing about ships but even I can tell that she's been beautifully restored.  I'm the nosy type so I went exploring round the cabin and galley: everything is so neat! I couldn't live on a ship.  They'd make me walk the plank for being so unbearably messy.

When on board a ship, one must naturally pretend to steer it:
Captain (aka Papa) Odd Socks

Or, you know, stick your head in a funnel:

Dress & cat ring - River Island sale
Belt - Primark
Cardi - Matalan
Jacket - c/o French Connection
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - John Rocha

I love Liverpool

Note: I wasn't paid for the review but La Tasca did pick up the bill


  1. Oooh. I've never liked olives but recently my sisters persuaded me to try the fat bright green ones (the fancier, more expensive starter olives at Pizza Express & Zizzi) and although it was a bit weird at first I ended up really liking them. They're much milder than normal olives. Sainsbury's & Tesco carry them, worth a try if you spot them but not cheap!

    1. Aha, they're Nocellara Del Belice apparently.

  2. I love Liverpool, one of my favourite cities!
    I have been going the last few years and it's a fab place, plenty to do and lots of shops!

  3. I'm a Liverpool girl and although very bias love the city.

  4. Olives - I've tried to like them for years and still try them now and again, but they're not growing on me and I'll reach the grand old age of 55 very soon. They are something that you just feel you ought to like though aren't they? Linda xxx

  5. can't bear olives but then I'm quite immature. I love your dress with that jacket. Lucky you getting some free nosh out.!
    Boats are a bit scary for me (getting seasick and all) but tethered ones are A-OK. looks like you had a great time.

  6. Olives give me the boak...not actually tried them, just looking at them is bad enough (but then I'm a super fussy eater)! Love the dress-I have it too!

  7. I hate olives too. My mum despairs because both myself and my sister hate olives despite being half Spanish. I don't think I will evereverever like them (although I can tolerate black ones on pizzas and stuff if it's cooked)

  8. I really like green olives, but I can't stand black ones. And I love your funnel-head picture. It's a good look!

  9. Mmm, I LOVE green olives. I will eat them gladly for hours!!!!!!
    Love these photos, you look like you've had a fun time! The funnelhead is hilarious as is Papa Odd socks at the wheel!

  10. I'm another one who thinks I really should like olives but I don't. I keep trying them but they don't get any better!

  11. Olives are the best. The best.

    That picture of you with your head in the funnel made me guffaw :D x


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