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Day Six

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hark at me (almost) smiling in a blog photo.  I am happy because I discovered something a) unworn and b) amazing during a bit of a tidying session over the weekend.  House tights!  I do love Henry Holland tights but I'm buggered if I'm paying upwards of £12 for them.  I stalk the River Island sales instead - this pair were £3. Bargain.

I have no idea why they lurked in the depths of my tights suitcase for so long but it may just be that they blended into the background.  There's so much colour going on in there that anything mostly flesh coloured just disappears.  I think that's them in the top right, next to the green pair.  They certainly don't jump out at you in the same way as some of the others.

Anyway, consider them well and truly worn today!

Dress - Closet @ Dorothy Perkins
Shoes & ring - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - H by Henry Holland via River Island sale


  1. I love everything about this outfit! I constantly lose black patterned tights, as you say they just blend in too well xxx

  2. Love this dress! The tights go really well with the simple block colour of the dress. Lovely :) x

  3. Those tights are really pretty, and what a bargan at £3.00 too. I love the colour of the dress as well. xxx

  4. You look so pretty in this dress and I love how your rolled-up colourful tights look like rosebuds :)

  5. The dress looks lovely on you and I am glad that I am not the only one with a collection of multi-colour tights... but do you find that it takes you longer to choose which tights to wear then which outfit? lol


    You rock them. I rarely wear mine. I might sport them for work tomorrow :) x

  7. Have you noticed that everything in this challenge has an element of green? Of course you have, what am I saying?
    Love this dress, tights are pretty awesome too. I find that with two cats my hosiery lasts about five minutes so I tend to stick to generic black opaques.

  8. Great tights. I was never brave enough to wear these however my youngest loves them.

    X x


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