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A Few Of My Favourite Things

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's not a Sound of Music reference. Just little things about today's outfit that make me smile:


Sparkly shoes

Messy top knots

Mary flipping Poppins

New lippy. MAC Creme Cup to be exact.

Buttons on cardis

Fun earrings

Rescuing a long-forgotten frock from the mending pile and making it wearable with a new zip.

Dress - New Look (I think...the label has been lopped off) via New Life
Handmade cardi - charity shop
Peacoat - Tu
Earrings - River Island
Initial necklace - Sunday Girl
Mary Poppins necklace - Etsy


  1. Love the shoes! And the earrings. and the coat and lippy. Hell yeah, really liking this whole look!
    And now I wish my hair was long enough to do topknots. Or at least long enough to 'cheat' with a hairpiece!
    Z xx

  2. OOoooooooooh, I love it too! I wish wish wish I could do my hair like that!!!!!!

  3. I love everything about this outfit! I want the shoes, dress and jewellery.... Please? I'm a big top knot fan too, although yours looks much neater than my usual efforts! xx

  4. You had me at wardrobe zoo + sparkle shoes.

  5. That Mary poppins locket is amazing! Love your whole look x

    Xo Amie

  6. Love this outfit, your topknot is giving me hair envy!

    Maria xxx

  7. So I totally want a pair of sparkly shoes now. I always believe in dressing to make yourself feel happy, I wish I had the incentive to wear more interesting accessories! xxx

  8. I love it when you re discover something you forgot you had/needed mending/was down the back of the sofa! I also love the way you put the post together (which isn't mean to sound condescending but somehow does)

  9. Why is it that I can only ever do a decent top knot when I'm going to the gym or sleep? If I try to do a daytime one it fails.

  10. I do love me a good pair of sparkly shoes!!!

  11. Those midnight blue brogues are the bomb. You are definitely my shoe hero! Looking good as always :) x

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