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An Alternative Valentine

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day: big bag of bollocks.  Am I right?

I fully intend to continue the Odd Socks & Pretty Frocks tradition of scorning hearts and flowers and looking at beautiful people instead.  Join me and feast your eyes on this lot. I know they're mostly actors but this goes to prove my weakness: you shove almost anyone on a big enough screen for long enough and I'll probably think they're fit.

I'll go back to being respectable and non-ogly tomorrow, I promise.

Jai Courtney is new to my notice this year.  Can look a bit like a spud, can look unbelievably fine.

Well hello there Jeremy Renner and your ARMS.

Oh Gene Kelly. Swoon.

Step aside David Boreanz.  T.Y Thyne is my favourite man from Bones.

Excuse me whilst I have a Henry V moment...  Tom Hiddleston and Jamie Parker so close together...

There can't be one of these posts without some Henry Cavill.

Or Jake G.

I'm seriously excited about the prospect of seeing James McAvoy on stage soon. Practically on the front row!

Mark Strong. Cos bald men are sexy too...

Joe Hart.  For a certain someone who loves him.  I personally think he's a Labrador trapped in a human body but what do I know?

My footballer of choice is Danny Agger.  I adore him and all his tattoos.

My ginger of choice is always Damian Lewis. What a joy he is.

I've always had a soft spot for Matt Damon too.

Michael Weatherly. Making NCIS hotter since 2003.

Oh, Clive Owen. You should have been Bond.

Michael Fassbender. So full of testosterone he scares me a little.

I know I shouldn't like Eddie Redmayne (he's a complete skinny wretch) but I'm a sucker for freckles.

Gilmore Girls fans: you know these two are the best, don't you?

I would really love to cuddle Mark Ruffalo. That's all. Nothing saucy. Honest.

And I can't leave out my favourite woman ever. I looked like Drew when I was about 4. Shame it didn't last.


  1. Can't believe you added Tony and not Gibbs :(
    And that DBo wasn't on there!

  2. Haha Alex I love you for this! Some hits and misses here for me but still an enjoyable *ahem* 'read'. I know you bang on about Henry Cavill all the time but I didn't realise he looked like THAT - wow. For me though Mark Strong looks like Wolf from Gladiators. Incidentally I have both those footballers on my fantasy team but not cos I fancy them - I like Joe Hart's gurning and Agger has a funny name. My footballer of choice is Sexy Cescy - you can't beat a good Spaniard! And who DOESN'T have a massive girl crush on Drew? I love her so much!

    Wow, that's the longest blog comment I've left in ages, think I need to go for a cold shower!! x

  3. I bloody love you Alex. Happy fucking valentines!

  4. oh, this is just perfect, all that i could ask for on this fine morning ;)
    i also made an anti-valentines blog post, in the form of a cheesy single girl's playlist. it has i will survive and everything.
    if these posts combined it would be the best post in existence, i think.
    off to google more attractive men now (i'm a fan of 'skinny wretches' - haha - it must be said) a-thankyou for the inspiration... xxx

  5. Oh, this is possibly the best post I have ever read. So this is why I have just started a blog! Luke Danes / Scott Patterson is the best. I used to get mocked endlessly for this now I think people understand.

    I also really like Matthew Settle / Rufus from Gossip Girl. Everyone finds it odd that I must prefer the dad to the son.

  6. I take major issue with this post!! It completely objectifies men and well quite frankly I think it's distasteful...........that you didn't include Gerard Butler in a kilt :p I cannot surely be the only woman who has notes this glaring error - and quite frankly I see your point about Micheal Weatherly but I personally would plump for Sean Murray anyday - Anthony Di'Nozzo might come from money but McGee would know how to hack into a bank infected and get more! Haha!! I also have a rather bizarre crush on Sean Connery who, well lots be honest, is old enough to be my great grandad!!
    Love this! I think it should be a regular feature - remember a half naked man is for life, not just for Valentines Day!!

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  7. Yes, yes, I agree, Gerard Butler was an oversight, but I can forgive that when you've treated us to all these lovelies. Being old, there are some face here that I don't know but hey, its not like I'm I'll ever met them! And yes, Eddie Redmayne - I feel I shouldn't but I totally do!
    Great post. Happy big bag of bollocks day!

  8. oooh I love these posts of yours!! Particularly as we seem to have quite similar tastes..mmmm Henry Cavill. xx

  9. I love the new design and this pics have made my day! :)

    Maria xxx

  10. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. You have saved *this girl* from a very mundane afternoon of admin. Thank you, thank you! :) x

  11. Ps. Cavill actually has a very strong effect on me... God.

  12. Jake G is one of my favourites, I've not heard of quite a few of them - I'm so behind on times. You are definitely right Alex - Clive Owen would have made a great Bond xxx

  13. Fantastic post Alex, eye candy galore! Don't agree with all, but most -yes, your taste in men like your taste in clothes and books seriously rocks. (I have a thing about nice arms on men too and so glad you included the legendary Gene Kelly.) xxx

  14. So many good looking men so little time.
    Am please to find Mark Strong on your list, seriously sexy voice :)
    And Jeremy Renner hubba list would go on and on.......

  15. Ooh yes please to those arms. Thanks for getting me saying 'Matt Daaaymon' in a dumb voice again though!


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