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A Tudor Treat

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Twitter can be a dangerous thing. Not for the usual internet-based doom and gloom reasons. The real danger is to my bank balance. I follow a lot of bloggers and by god, you girls know how to shop and how to sniff out the good things online! I'm usually very good and strong willed, but occasionally something will catch my attention and my good sense gets over ridden because I MUST HAVE IT.

Within limits, obviously... I'm not that daft.

This time, it was a ring. And as payday coincided with a 25% off discount code it was actually a very sensible purchase. *nods sagely*

Char retweeted something last week from Cheap Frills and as I had a spare moment, I went for a quick mooch around their site.  There was a lot of lovely stuff to admire but one glimpse at the Elizabeth I cameo ring and I really, really had to have it.

I am a complete history nerd and I have a special fondness for the Tudor period. I've even been on a Tudor themed road trip, which was awesome. This piece of jewellery could virtually have been designed to appeal specially to me. I'm super pleased I own it now.


  1. That is gorgeous and SO you Alex! x

  2. What a beautiful, unusual piece. I love all the detail. Speaking of things which are very "you", there is a cat print shirt in Gap at the moment. I got far too excited and snaffled the last one in my size. 30% discount today too! Needless to say I am delighted.... CAT PRINT!!

  3. That ring is just gorgeous! x

  4. I'm starting to think that social media is just a huge conspiracy to make me buy things online. At least that's the only reason I can come up with for having bought half the things I've found on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

    Cute ring, though!

  5. I have a kinda similar ring I've had for years, my friend thinks it's Mary on it (and she'd know being the daughter of a minister)! It's got a lovely vintagey feel to it like this one.

  6. Aww yay, it's lovely - glad you ordered it! :)

  7. This is perfect for you! I know what you mean about twitter temptation - I've fallen foul of it many a time!

  8. That's very cool. You must tell more about the Tudor period road trip though!

    Ps. I mentioned your banana gingerbread thing in my banana pancakes post


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