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A Very Pretty New Frock

Friday, 22 March 2013

Well hello there new frock!

When I was in Leeds for my recent theatre trip I popped into Primark in search of that gorgeous blue and white dress that everyone has been raving about since the spring/summer lookbook got released. I didn't find it, but I was just as pleased with this beauty.  My eye initially fell on the shirt made from the same fabric but it was covered in hideous tacky studs (why must shops do this? Whyyyyyyy???????) so I bit the bullet and got the dress version instead. 

It might not sound like a huge leap of faith.  You're probably sitting there thinking "Why is she afraid of pale frocks?" Well, I am a notorious spiller and also quite good at sitting in chocolate and other messy things.  White frocks are therefor not high on my list of sensible clothing to wear but with a pattern this pretty, an exception had to be made.

It looks like Delft tiles! I adore it.

Dress & belt - Primark (although not bought at the same time. It came with a nasty tan belt originally)
Cardi - H&M

T'was the perfect outfit to wear whilst having a frolic around the gardens when on holiday last weekend.


I kept getting Bodhi-bombed mid-frolic though. He was adorably excited to have that many people playing with him in the garden! Such a cutie.

Thank you Alice for being my photographer!


  1. The print on this is so pretty! It makes me want it to be summer NOW.

    Jesss xo

  2. Loving the dress the print is stunning.

    X x

  3. Aw I think I know the dress your after as I've been hunting for it myself since seeing it in one of my mum's magazines. It keeps popping up in mags but hasn't made an appearance in Primark! X

  4. Aha I was looking at this dress yesterday and wondered if it was the same one! Indecently short on me sadly :( FROLIC!! xx

  5. The print on that dress is gorgeous... Love the shoes too! xx

  6. Yay for pretty frocks! I can now add photographer to my long list of ... erm talents! Bodhi was just the cutest, can't it just be this time last week please. I miss the Manor xxx

  7. It was even more lovely in real life. I am a notorious spiller too, pale trousers are out of the question! x

  8. Very pretty. Pale dresses are a no-no for me as I'm so pale I almost disappear! Much prefer the blue belt and those shoes are just perfect with it.

  9. I love the print on this dress- I hate how Primark often ruin things with studs and rhinestones! xx

  10. I absolutely love this dress Alex, the whole outfit is just lovely. I'd spotted you wearing this in some of the other bloggers' photos from your weekend away and was wondering where it was from so I'm glad you've blogged it, I'll have to keep a keen eye out in Primark next time I'm there!
    xxx Maddie

  11. This dress is stunning and beautiful! I know what you mean about pale frocks I too am a natorious spiller and shy away from pale unless heavily patterned to hide marks from the day and my inability to eat properly lol xxx

  12. It's such a pretty dress and it looks wonderful on you! :) It reminds me of antique porcelain. Loving the glittery shoes too!

    Florrie x

  13. This was such a beautiful dress and it looks lovely on you!

    Maria xxx

  14. aaw look at little Bodhi. I loved this dress on you xx


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