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Things I Own That Everyone Likes

Monday, 22 April 2013

It's a funny old life being a fashion blogger.  Especially when you work in quite a conservative place where the usual attire consists of jeans, walking boots and fleeces.

If I ever had any sense of shame about trotting into the office in Irregular Choice heels, #wardrobezoo prints or frivolous frocks, it's long since disappeared.  I'm at work 5 days out of 7 and I cannot see the point in dressing like a bore for most of the week.  Don't get me wrong - I'm quite often to be found in jeans and the walking boots and fleece do get donned when necessary, but I can't see the point in leaving all the fun stuff in my wardrobe for the weekends.

My clothing choices do draw comments from my colleagues and they're not always especially nice but I forgive them because they are clearly misguided fools.  Anyone who can call my beloved Irregular Choice Rosepea heels "hooker shoes" is an IDIOT (or the sort of person who frequents classy hookers - who knows?)

Look, not a hint of perspex platform!

Most of them have got much better taste. As you have you lovely lot! I realised the other day when wearing my cat, wine and hand print cardigan that even though it's a bit odd, everyone seems to like it.  And although I wouldn't say I dress to please the masses, I do have a few things like that. Here are some of the things that have drawn nicer comments recently.

The aforementioned cardi.

The amazing cake print blouse.

My red Mary Janes.


The Mary Poppins locket.

My Kookai coat. Probably my best ever purchase. Definitely my best ever car boot sale purchase.

ps - oh ffs. I did NOT mean to press publish instead of save on a half written post last night. Bless you all for not pointing out that it made no sense.


  1. Hooker shoes? Are they mad?
    I think they are secretly a tad jealous.
    a) You have a wonderful, eclectic(?) wardrobe
    b) You have the confidence to wear what you want and will not be swayed by the 'clone brigade'.
    I, for one, would love your shoe collection!
    Z xx

  2. Hooker shoes? Blithering fool! I applaud you for wearing what you want, bravo!

  3. "I'm at work 5 days out of 7 and I cannot see the point in dressing like a bore for most of the week." > I need to embrace this a bit more - fab attitude! I don't know how anyone could be less than complimentary about your outfits Alex, it's not as if you're inappropriate or offensive. And as someone said (Marilyn?), it's better to be completely ridiculous than completely boring :) xxx

    Also Happy WBN! xxx

  4. Hehe, not that you're RIDICULOUS, but you know what I mean.

    (Well some thing err on the ridiculous side but I'm sure you won't mind me saying that - I mean it as a compliment) xx

  5. Really?! They're not nearly high enough, they're quite reserved, really!

  6. Hooker shoes?! Hookers wish! They are beautiful. Must admit everytime I see a pair of Irregular Choice shoes I think of you.

  7. I live 5 minutes from a red light district and the footwear of choice is either manky Primark pumps or fake Ugg boots. xxx

  8. I have 4 weeks of wearing what I like to work before I am limited to a frankly hideous polyester blouse and black suit. Nothing wrong at all with your choices, embrace your individuality!

  9. They could NEVER be hooker shoes, the suede would stain too easily,I think hookers need 'wipe-clean' types! Was that too graphic? LOVE everything you posted here!


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