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Out With The Old...In With The New

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Meet my very favourite pair of red flats. Mysterious creatures that they were. Size 5, yet they were originally owned by my mum (size 4) and then me (size 6) and fitted us both just fine.  I wore them with everything. Jeans and jumpers, girly frocks, skirts and cardis. A good pair of flat shoes is a useful thing to own.

The one problem with this particular pair? They were made from fabric. Quite sturdy fabric, which meant they lasted a decent length of time, but I am not a dainty Audrey Hepburn-esque creature who can waft around barely touching the floor and this means my shoes don't last forever. The toes got scuffed, weird black marks developed on the sides and then holes started to appear where the heels met the soles. It was time for them to go to the great shoe rack in the sky.

It has proved very hard to find a decent replacement for them. Nothing is quite right. Too red, too dark, too shiny, too pointy...

I went for this Blowfish pair in the end.

Nice, sensible flat shoes: ü
Pleasant shade of red: ü
Leather: ü
Bit of interesting detail: ü

I really like the buttons. Usually I'm not a fan of having a brand name/logo emblazoned over things *gives River Island and Dorothy Perkins handbags a stern look* but I think shoes are generally the more acceptable way to do it. It's not like anyone is going to be peering that closely at my toes!


  1. River Island bags...gag! Why do they have to have RI on them?! Love these shoes, simple but certainly not dull x

  2. Those shoes are cute, blowfish flats are the best!

  3. Good choice! Love the buttons and ruffles. I have to say that whilst I love shoe shopping I hate having to replace a pair, as you say, finding the same shoe all over again is difficult. Nothing can beat, or match up to, an old favourite...

  4. Aaaaah, they're lovely. My go to pair of shoes is a leopard print pair- lost without them as they go with everything and it's a not too in your face way of adding some interest.

  5. lovely choice, they are a bit different to the norm. LIKE it very much. Wish I could wear nice pretty flats

  6. Oh these are SO beautiful!

    I'm the same as Chloe too - I have a leopard print pair I always turn to.

  7. I really like these! I had a pair of black flats that were similar and I wish I had bought several back up pairs as they were perfect *sob*

    Maria xxx

  8. Ooh excellent shoes! River Island bugs me so much - some of their bags are nice enough, but why must they splash their name all over it, ugh! :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I love those shoes! I normally do love your shoes, but these ones I could actually walk in! I broke my favourite pair of flats at the weekend... I was genuinely quite upset.

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please

  10. I always ruin every pair of flats I own - that's just standard really. I won a pair of Blowfish boots last year and they have lasted me well, and I was impressed with the quality. Happy shoes xxx


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