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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oh this weather is deeply frustrating. A couple of days ago the sun was cracking the flags and I wore this deliciously summery outfit. Today it's freezing, chucking it down with rain and I'm in jeans and a big jumper. I mean, I like the chance to vary my wardrobe but it'd be nice if I could actually pack away my winter clothing for a few months instead of still requiring it at the end of June.

Still, let's focus on the positives. We had at least one day this week where I could don a pretty frock, sandals and have almost-bare legs.

Pockets! Yay!

I love Joules dresses. There's always a high chance of finding something among the range that fits in nicely with the #wardrobezoo but this time I wasn't swayed by animals. Oh no. I found myself drawn to the lovely, cheerful boat print frock instead. Isn't it cute?

It reminds me of Rosie. It's the jaunty nautical theme methinks.

Yes, I've had my hair chopped. Yes, it's too short. I specifically said it needed to be long enough to tie back in a ponytail. Guess what? Those shorter layers are not long enough to tie back in a ponytail. Grrrr. Plus it makes me feel matronly. Hurry up and grow.

Dress - Joules 'Sennen' c/o Surfdome
Cardi - Matalan
Shoes - Irregular Choice via ebay
Bracelet - charity shop
Necklace - Sunday Girl
Ring - can't remember

I must admit I hadn't heard of Surfdome before they got in touch with me about doing a product review but their website is well worth a browse - they stock over 800 brands and have a fab range of products. Obviously the Joules frock stuck out for me but I could have chosen about 347987 other items. So much choice! I'll definitely be shopping with them again. Lovely clothes, free delivery and free returns are the way to my heart.

I'll leave you on an amusing note. I have no idea what I was doing here. Recoiling in ladylike horror from the camera? Playing invisible basketball?


  1. Red really suits you Alex and those shoes are wonderful.

  2. Such a cute dress, it looks fab. I wish this weather would make up its mind too! One or the other please.

  3. Ohh that dress is perfection on you xx

  4. Not only do I love the dress and shoes but the last photo made me smile. I think its a lovely photo.

    X x

  5. I NEED this for Bestival, it's HMS Bestival theme this year. Such a lovely dress xx

  6. dresses really suit you, alex!

  7. How lovelu you look! You match your pretty shoes and dresses so well!x

  8. Looking good, Alex. You really rock red, looks great.
    This weather IS bloomin' weird, isn't it? I have risked it and packed my wintery scarves and gloves away yesterday. (Snowing tomorrow is my fault then??)
    Z xx

  9. I love this dress, I was eyeing it up in store on holiday but they didn't have my size, sob!

    Maria xxx

  10. What a wonderfully cheerful look for sunny days :) The boat print is adorable!

    Florrie x

  11. Alex, I want to raid your closet and steal that dress. You look fantastic! Now back to my lurky-hidey-hole.

  12. The dress is really really lovely. Love anything nautical when the sun comes out.

    Hate it when you specifically say to the hairdress that hair must be long enough to pull up, and then it isn't. I've been quite lucky of late, but it's happened a time or two before.


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