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Mermaid Skirts and Daisies

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ahoy there me hearties!

I appear to have come over all nautical. I'm blaming it on this amazing skirt which makes me feel like a mermaid, although quite why mermaids would talk like sailors I don't know...

Anyway, the skirt is undoubtedly lovely but it's a bitch to find something to wear with it. I had a nightmare trying to pick a top and a pair of shoes to match. Definitely one of those cases of getting carried away in Primark and going OHMYGODSOPRETTYSOPRETTY and shoving it in your basket without giving a second thought to what you'll actually team it up with.

The first problem is that, being from Primark, it's not the most substantially made thing in the world. If the lining was made from better fabric then it would be fine, but it's not.  It's still quite see-through and you can't tuck anything into it without it looking really bloody obvious. Public service announcement: you also can't wear white knickers with it because even they show through. Nude coloured pants only!

The second problem is that it's from Primark. You know what that means, right? Yup, it looks nice on the hanger and you don't bother inspecting it in store but then you get it out of the bag at home the night before you want to wear it and there are massive, dirty boot marks all over the fabric.  You end up attacking it with Vanish at stupid-o-clock at night and crossing your fingers it'll be dry by the morning. (It was. Hurrah!)

The third problem is that it's quite long and I'm quite short. I have to wear it as a high waisted skirt in order not to break my neck on it (which I also like cos it stops me looking quite so short and square) but that means normal length tops either look really weird with it or they totally ruin the high waisted effect and I end up looking as wide as I am high after all. The one top I could find that didn't look terrible is this cropped cardi and trust me, there are some very strategically placed safety pins holding this together. It's not really designed to be worn without something underneath!

Despite all that, I don't really care. It's OHMYGODSOPRETTY after all. The swoosh factor is as high as the prettiness factor and I love it. Yay for mermaid skirts!

Cardi & skirt - Primark (skirt is current stock, cardi is ancient)
Bracelet - think it was bought on holiday in France?
Flat shoes - H&M sale


  1. Oooh this skirt really is a gorgeous colour!
    I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear it myself though as narrow pleats scare me, feel like my bum looks huge :p xx

  2. Despite all the problems that is a super gorgeous skirt! It really suits you, definitely suits a cropped top/cardi. I love the mermaid-y graded colour.

  3. Im short too but i quite like wearing maxi skirts high wasted its just a problem when i want a maxi dress x

  4. that maxi is gorgeous, love the colours and the toe nails to match x

  5. Aww I love the daisy photo, and it looks lovely! :)

  6. Who says petite girls can't wear maxis?! You look fab Alex. I, too, often buy gorgeous items without thinking about what I could wear with them, hence the 10 or so skirts in my wardrobe that I NEVER wear :(

  7. I'm a short arse and always wear maxis. I feel like a midget in anything short! Love that skirt on you. xxx

  8. I've seen these skirts and liked them but am being very virtuous and self-controlled!x

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. That skirt is gorgeous and looks great on you xx

  11. even your toes match! it really s a very pretty and swooshy skirt x

  12. Love it! Totally worth the list of limitations :)

  13. Oh this skirt is BEAUTIFUL!

    Maria xxx


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