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Friday, 5 July 2013

Shopper's guilt. A feeling that I suffer from only too often. If I walk out of a shop with more than one carrier bag, it hits. Yup, even if that shop is only Primark. If I walk out of a shop with an expensive item, even if it's so light that I can barely feel I'm carrying it, it hits. It even wallops me when I'm using vouchers to buy something, mostly because my brain is the brain of a crazy lady.

Let me pose you a question.

If a very pretty frock costs £48 and you have £24 worth of vouchers do you:

a) think "Yoicks! Half price dress!" and buy it
b) think "Yoicks! Half price dress!" and buy it, plus something else cos you've just saved yourself £24 and you might as well spend it
c) think "Ooh heck, £48 is a lot of money to spend on a dress, isn't it?" and then fret for ages that you could have spent the vouchers on something else.

If you said c), welcome to my world. I find the only cure is to cut the price label out of it and wear it before the guilt forces you to take it back. It works, especially when it's as pretty a dress as this one. And then I smile.

I love toile. LOVE IT.

I also love the very pretty lacy section of the bodice on this frock but due to knackeredness and light levels failed to take a decent picture of it. Have an extreme closeup instead!

Dress - Oasis via John Lewis
Cardi - Hawkshead
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins sale
Ring - Matalan
Sunglasses - Glasses Direct


  1. Looking very movie star here with your glasses and bog hair. My problem is that I rarely feel shopping guilt and buy too much then spend the last two weeks of the month living off soup and selling old dresses on ebay x

  2. You're young with no commitments enjoy your passion for pretty frocks!

    gorgeously-styled essemble looks fabulous:-)

  3. Love how chic you look! :)
    Gorgeous dress (once again!)

    At the moment I'm budgeting hard for some travelling so it's always sale and justifying cost per wear.

  4. Beautiful dress. Perfect for this lovely weather.

  5. You look pretty fab here, I do love a bit of toile too, this dress is gorgeous.. I tend to get the guilt as well, but then I'm also guilty of leaving labels in clothes "just in case" (not that I'm gross enough to weather them lots then return them!) I only cut them out once I've actually worn them..xx

  6. I think I'm more B! Hehe. That dress is so lovely though, and you'll get good wear out of it, so really there is no need for the guilt! Xo

  7. Yes, I know what you mean! But it's preeeeeetty!!!x

  8. You look beautiful here, I love this dress! I feel guilt but I just can't resist a good dress or top or skirt...

    Maria xxx

  9. I love this dress on you & also have JL vouchers - a dangerous combo :(

  10. I love it! The print is especially beautiful. I was worse, I saw a Coast dress reduced in debenhams recently to £79 from £115, not a massive saving, but it was a dress I'd been eyeing for some time and fell in love with. I bought it and did feel some guilt, mainly because it's so fancy that I can't wear it every day and I've never spent that on a dress before. I'm just pawing and oohing at it just now! I blame Primark for changing my view on shop prices!

  11. Pricey yes, pretty HELL yes, banish that guilt lady, you look like hotness and the dress is a beauty too.


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