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New Shoes

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I hate to sound like an utter girl here but sometimes all you need is a good pair of shoes. These are good shoes.

You can ignore the fact that I haven't ironed the dress, washed my hair for three days or bothering putting any makeup on, can't you? Yes, because you're all looking at the shoooooooes. They are clomptastically excellent.

You may have seen me mention them as a potential pair of wedding shoes in this post a little while ago. Yup, I went ahead and ordered them. Solely in the interests of having plenty of time to wear them in beforehand, you understand.

I know I always pronounce my more ridiculous shoes to be very comfy and then someone in the comments goes "they can't possibly be!" but trust me readers, these really are. They look massive but once you discount the platform height the heel is quite low and I never once felt in danger of wobbling off the platforms. I've got shoes where it feels like you've strapped a brick to your foot. These are not like that. Super easy to walk in and super comfy.

This ring looks super simple but it's beaten into shape all the way round and that makes it just interesting enough for my liking.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins via charity shop
Cardi - Gap
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Shellys
 Ring - That Silver Touch

The one bad thing about this dress is this:

I have no idea why they put the belt loops under the boobs instead of on the actual waistline. I'm contemplating unsnipping them but I don't want to end up with holes in it...

ps - if you want your very own pair of mega platforms, they're currently in the Spartoo sale in red or black.


  1. Those shoessssss! Gorgeous.
    And random about the belt loops, I'd definitely snip them and reattach to where they rightfully belong.

  2. Lovely! I used to love Shellys, they had this massive shop in Glasgow on 3 floors and I always left with bags of stuff!

  3. I love a good chunky heel, nice!
    By the way I've nearly finished my 3rd Flavia de Luce book, so thanks for introducing me- they're perfect for the commute.. xx

  4. I always wonder why belt loops are so high up in some dresses too! The shoes look preetty!x

  5. the shoooooooes!! Love mine so so much :)

  6. You look fab here, I love the combination of swooshy hair, chunky shoes and checks!

    Maria xxx

  7. Oh they are rather fab on- may have a look at the red ones! :)

  8. Must not be tempted by shoes sales *quickly changes subject*... Odd place for belt loops, sometimes I wonder what shape manufacturers think we are.

  9. I want those shoes but I'm not spending nearly £70 on them :(


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