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The £10 Outfit

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yup, a whole outfit for ten English pounds. 

Admittedly it's easier to dress for less at this time of year, what with all the sales going on and the soaring temperatures meaning a simple dress and sandals will suffice, but still! £10 for everything! God bless Matalan and their amazing dresses from £5 event.

I snaffled this frock and the same style but in black and white polka dots for £5 each. What a bargain!  I was super duper keen to get my hands on them and they were disappearing fast from the website so I placed a hasty online order, erring on the side of caution and getting them both in two different sizes as I wasn't sure which would fit best. I'm pleased to report that their Click & Collect service works like a dream and their refunds process in store is super duper fast and friendly, even when you pay by Paypal.

They haven't paid me to say any of this btw, I'm just really pleased! It's such a bore when companies take about 9 years to refund you when you know perfectly well they've received the returns parcel or try and charge you for delivery to store. I like my shopping to be as hassle free as possible and any company that makes it easier for me will definitely get my repeat custom.

Yay sleeves! You know me, I love a good dress even more when it has sleeves in it.

Bargainous dress - Matalan
Pretty sandals - Chiara Fashion


  1. So pretty! I'm wearing a blouse from Matalan today (floral too!) that I customised with studs. Such bargains there, I wish there were some in central London!

    Shopped and Dropped

  2. Ooh this dress is lovely! I'm really liking the stuff in Matalan just now but I find the fit of their clothes a bit funny (ahem, on my funny shaped body...) so I havent been in for ages :)

  3. Love your hair,frock and sandals;so pretty and feminine!:-):-):-)

  4. Oh darn, looks like I totally missed out on this event! Your dress is lovely, great choice x

  5. Ah that is an absolutely beautiful dress- I am in love with it! :) Very well done on getting your hands on one!

    Florrie x

  6. Pretty.
    Sounds like Matalan totally understand what real customer service is all about.

  7. A whole outfit for a tenner, certainly impressive, your dress is beautiful, but seriously, it's your hair that steals the show in this post. It's fucking beautiful.

  8. Damn, I missed out on this! You look so pretty in that dress and polka dots are my other favourite, wish I'd got them both! I think because my nearest Matalan is now difficult to get too (they built a multi-storey carpark and swimming pool blocking it and there's not a footpath round that and it's on a very busy road), I'm now forgetting it exists and forgetting the website exists!

  9. Gorgeous outfit, and what a bargain! I never think to shop in Matalan! x


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