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Cherry Red

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I like vintage frocks.

I like bonkers shoes.

I like even more bonkers prints.

I like jaunty coats.

I really like red. I feel so SASSY today that I don't even need to write anything else about this outfit. I'll just swish around the place in my amazing red shoes and be happy.

Dress - vintage fair
Coat - H&M via eBay
Shoes - Shellys


  1. The ring, where is the gorgeous ring from? Loving your shoes also, hello hotness!

  2. Those shoes! They are absolutely stunning! Love the dress too, gorgeous combo x

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit!! The colours suit you perfectly and I just adore (and would definitely wear!) every single piece :D

  4. I've probably said it before in a previous post, but I flippin' LOVE that dress!

  5. My fave dress of yours. It looks amazing as always but WOW! with those shoes and that coat...WOW!
    Looking fab!
    Z xx

  6. Ooh I love seeing this dress! The shoes are fab, I'd love a slightly less giant version... (being that I'm already a giant, you're definitely pulling them off better than I would!) :)

  7. The dress makes my heart skip beats!

  8. lovely bright bold print dress!!

    love your pumps too!!

  9. Alex, you look stunning here, happy, sassy and deliciously red!

    Maria xxx

  10. Great outfit, the shape of those shoes is fabulous.


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