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Monday, 30 September 2013

I know we’re not even in October yet so I will refrain from using the C word but there are certain things on the horizon that need planning. I was landed with organising the work festive shindig at very short notice last year. I tried ringing round local restaurants, hotels, casinos etc and everywhere was already full by that point. Quite frankly, some of the people I work with were annoying. They didn’t want to organise it themselves but they moaned about everything, didn’t offer any constructive suggestions and then dropped out with no notice. I managed to find somewhere that gave us a lovely meal and we went out for cocktails and a bit of a boogie at a bar afterwards. Everyone that went had a lovely time but despite this I was still in rage mode and vowed never to organise another one.

Self, dolled up for last year's work party

Except I appear to have been stuck with organising it again this year and I want it to be awesome so that people don’t get the chance to moan about it. I want to dress up in something glitzy and glam and have fun. We’re lucky in that we’re so close to Liverpool which isn’t short of places to go but I baulk at paying £40 a head for an average meal at a very average restaurant or hotel.

Well, a girl can dream...

I’m thinking something like a night out at the casino where we can all pretend like we’re Bond Girls and sparkle the evening away winning squillions of pounds on the roulette wheel or the blackjack table. I can count to 21 so I can definitely manage blackjack. I’m terrible at poker though and I don’t think they let you play rummy there, do they? Perhaps a more realistic casino ambition would be to hit the winning line on the slot machines. I wouldn’t need any skill for that, just luck, and the menfolk in my family are always regaling me with tales of how much they’ve won on fruit machines in pubs and on sites like JackpotCity. Surely it’s my turn to have the winning touch?

It’s not the only option though, just one that’s currently really appealing to the side of me that’s a bit deprived of sequins, cocktails, glam and the chance to win a fortune on the turn of a card or the spin of the roulette wheel.

So hit me up with ideas please. Where have you been on similar occasions that were really good fun (or alternatively really awful so that I know what to avoid?)


  1. Last year with work, we went to a bond themed evening where you purchase a table (or tables) fr the night and there was dinner served and then casino tables- really good because other businesses had bought tables, so the atmosphere was really good.

  2. I meant to add that- a night at the Greyhound racing can be really really good fun for a social event.


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