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Finally Getting Round To It

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My mending pile is a dark and mysterious place. Things get put there with the best of intentions and then due to my utter laziness, moulder and gradually get buried under the weight of other items. Such was the case with this pretty frock.

It's vintage, obviously. Check out those lapels! I remember buying it from the sale rail of a vintage shop (it was probably there as it's pretty much see-through) and haggling them down to a fiver because the ancient metal zip was so knackered that the teeth were all falling out. It went straight into the mending pile and stayed there for...ooh...about a year until I remembered that I needed to buy new zips for a couple of things.

Turns out that replacing zips is actually pretty easy so god only knows why I put it off for so long. Inherent bone idle-ness I suspect. Especially as a brand new ASOS pinafore dress has been in the pile for approximately the same length of time and is still there, despite the fact I've bought the new zip for it.

Can't resist shoes with a big bow on them!
Dress - vintage
Cardi - H&M
Shoes - Irregular Choice Beach Trip
Ring - won in a blog giveaway ages ago and can't remember the maker!


  1. Love that dress, well done to finally getting round to sorting it, well worth it. I have a similar pile waiting buttons/zips/mending.

  2. A perfect dress and it looks so good on you! I find zips really easy, too. Keep it quiet though or we'll never be able to haggle for a discount again! x

  3. those shooooes.. ahh IC is fab. Love the dress fits you beautifully x

  4. I do rather love that dress, those lapels are pretty special. Chances of me replacing a zip, zero. My mending pile is long lost...


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