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Yet More Hideous Frocks

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, time for more ugly frocks! It's been a while since I last seared your retinas with utter hideousness, hasn't it?

This lot are all in the ASOS sale, should you wish to purchase one. I really hope you don't.

Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Didn't we leave this sort of thing behind a long, long time ago?

It even looks cross from the back.

*shakes head*

I do not like the smock frock. I especially do not like this one with the weird cut out shoulders. Anything that makes a pretty, slim model look terrible is not something that I am tempted to purchase.

Don't think "sexy" is the first word I'd choose to describe this frock but the ASOS folk clearly disagree with me!

Yeah. Hmmm....

I can see how some people would like this. Not me, obviously. I don't do weird animal effect prints (#wardrobezoo is something else entirely). But what is going on with her body?? Have they bizarrely photoshopped her?? Is it an optical illusion caused by the dress?? I can't believe anyone has a waist/torso that actually looks like that.

Not entirely sure why having a dropped armhole is considered an attractive design feature? Anyone with boobs is going to have some scandalous moments in this!

This, dear readers, is £175 worth of nastiness.

I'll leave you with the two I entitle "Star Trek Extras":


  1. well, I kinda like the last one but damn the others...

  2. My "favourite" is the first, haha! The 6th one is terrifying. Have you seen these shorts on asos? I thought they were hilarious:

  3. That green one that's second from last isn't too bad - would make a sweet sci-fi costume, other than that, I don't really 'get' any of these at all.

  4. I'm hoping the armhole one is supposed to be worn with a top! These are vile! But then I often think that 60% of ASOS is like that even though I like lots of things from there and it's my go-to place to find things!x

  5. u.g.l.y. they ain't got no albi, THEY UGLY.

  6. I quite like the very bottom one- black tights and suede shoes.... I'll go hide now.

    In other news, the photoshopping on more than one of these is horrendous- but the snakeskin torso is the most frightening I've seen in forever.

  7. haha these are awful! I do love a smock dress but not that one, no no no.. x

  8. I'm sure I could knock up the 3rd from last in my kitchen with some silver foil - not that I'd want to!!


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