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The Wedding Outfit

Monday, 28 October 2013


My brother got married on Friday. It was a truly marvellous day from start to finish and I'll be blogging properly about it all later on in the week but as I have a bajillion photos to sort through, you may have a quick outfit post in the meantime.

I knew what I'd be wearing ages ago - hark at me blogging about it in June but I'm so pleased that my plans turned out well. I LOVE this dress. Even more so after I made the bold move to chop 4 inches off it and alter the halterneck a wee bit. Isn't it pretty? And the shoes are gorgeous too. And the seamed tights. And the bows. And, well, everything really. Told you I loved it!

The venue was flipping beautiful but as is the way with old buildings, somewhat on the dark side. Also I was in a hurry and had to rope in the mothership to be my photographer, hence the photos are all a bit dark and not fantastic. Just ignore the slightly dodgy pic quality and tell me I look gorgeous, plskthx.

Oh my god, how fun is it to wear an enormous petticoat? No-one told me about that part! Ok, you need more space to sit down but it looks ace and dancing is way more fun than usual!

You know what else is fun? Sparkly accessories! Lovely Sophie at Crown and Glory made me a big old bow to go in my hair and a matching tiny one to go on my bag. How cute are they?!

Dress, petticoat, belt and jacket - Vivien of Holloway
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragon
Bag - New Look
Hair & bag bows - Crown and Glory
Jewellery - inherited and charity shop!
Seamed tights - M&S

ps - I would totally dazzle you with a picture of my beautiful makeup here but Blogger is playing silly buggers with some sort of Halloween "fun" thing and whenever I attempt uploading the photo, it turns my eyes black. I am quite annoyed.


  1. Amazing outfit :)
    I got those shoes in the pink/blue colours for my wedding in may

  2. Waaaaaaah you look so beautiful. Absolutely amazing choice. And those SHOES!

  3. You look gorgeous, the dress is a fabulous colour and love your bracelets too!

  4. You look lovely, and how good is that petticoat?!

  5. what an amazing dress! I love the tights too, just adds to the glamour :) x

  6. Well hello hotness. You look amazing, and so pleased it was a great day. Damn blogger, I wanted more sexy Alex face!

  7. Sparkly bows! Pretty shoes! Gorgeous dress! Amazing, hope you had fun swishing around!

  8. Oooh I do love a good bit of Vivien!!!! You look beautiful!!!!! You mean you didn't know about the swish of the Vivien petticoats??? *best feeling ever* x

  9. You look amazing, green is probably my favourite colour. Like a green Alice in Wonderland with the petticoat. x

  10. Alex you look so beautiful here, that dress is PERFECT on you!

    Maria xxx

  11. The frock, shoes, bows - all perfection! You look mighty pretty Alex.
    Petticoats are awesome, I wore one as part of a fairy costume in the summer and didn't want to take it off! Yours looks much softer and nicer than mine though.
    Sounds like you had a fab day - you certainly looked it!

  12. You look awesome! That style really suits you...think V of H need you to model for them; just fabulous, honey!
    Z xx

  13. It all looks wonderful together. The decision to chop a few inches off was a good one too, looks perfect on you :)


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