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Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm a split personality, but quite happily so. I adore the countryside. Fresh air, horses, peace and quiet, being surrounded by the beauty of nature... I could quite happily live in a little country cottage in the middle of nowhere with a pony in the back garden. But I love city life just as much. Every time I get too carried away with dreams of the rural idyll a part of me remembers that I actually really love being 10 mins away from a bustling, vibrant city centre and that if I lived in the sticks I would massively miss the amazing culture that Liverpool has to offer. There'd be no nipping to the cinema on a whim, no popping round the corner to Lark Lane for brunch or coffee, no decent shops nearby. There would also be a big old commute and that would drive me demented.

Much as I adore my city, it has one big downside. The suburbs stretch on for sodding miles. My friend lives 3 miles outside Derby city centre and it's so rural there that you'd barely know urban life existed. The same with my friend in Newcastle. Me? I live 7 miles outside Liverpool city centre and you still have to get in the car and drive for about half an hour before you hit proper countryside. We have more parks than you can shake a stick at (seriously, south Liverpool has about 25 of them) but actual fields and animals and stuff? Nah.

I probably have the best of both worlds in the meantime because I'm lucky enough to work in a little oasis of green amongst all that urban chaos. I might be doomed to live in suburbia but my hobbies take me out and about to some of the most beautiful rural places. My wardrobe kinda reflects this. Half of it is sensible with lashings of tweed, horsey clothing and muddy wellies, half of it is deeply frivolous and impractical with mandatory high heels. I like it when the two can crossover a little bit though.

I so wish they had the option to pick your own colourways for Flick Flack. I love the shoe but this is the only variation of it I've ever liked enough to buy.

Jacket - c/o Joules UK
Skirt - H&M
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Irregular Choice Flick Flack

I was asked if I'd like to review one of the new range of Joules quilted jackets for women and I was all over this Moredale beauty. Not only is it green (yay!) but it's also fully lined with my favourite print from their range at the mo, has cord elbow patches, pocket & cuff trim and is really nicely fitted. Look, there are even poppers on the hip/derriere area in case you need a bit more flexibility!

I had to roll the cuffs back a bit as I have tiny t-rex arms but that's fine. In fact that's almost better because I get to show off another splash of that beautiful lining fabric!

So I wore it with the distinctly town outfit in the first set of photos and loved it. Then I ditched the heels and sequins, donned a more country-friendly outfit of jeans and Converse and took it for a walk in the woods another day. Guess what? I love it just as much this way too.

Jacket - c/o Joules UK
Jeans & jumper - Gap
Scarf - god knows. I have millions of them.
Converse - I think they were from Amazon. Hard colour to track down at the time!


  1. You are possibly the only person I know who would put a sequin skirt with that particular jacket and I'm totally in love with you for it. Disclaimer- totally non creepy love.

  2. I'm the same in America now which is such a difference to how it was in York and Hull, here's it's a good hour drive to get to proper "countryside" although i'm still not convinced I've been in proper Michigan countryside yet. Suburbia just seems to be endless.

  3. In love with that coat lining. I like living in the valleys, I get beautiful scenery and cheap houses and I'm half an hour from Cardiff on the train for nights out and city life x

  4. That's why I like living on the Wirral, 15 mins on the train to Liverpool, but quiet and rural areas if you want them :)

  5. I love being in the middle of nothingness. The longer I'm here the more I like it but an occasional trip into a town or city is always a welcome one.
    GREAT jacket, love it with the sequins x

  6. I love this jacket.......i don't know why a lining which is rarely seen makes me want something so bad! It's the same with just a sucker for a nice lining xxx

  7. I'd love a pair of flick flacks too but they're just too high!!!! I love the shoe skirt combo x


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