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Brown Boots

Monday, 10 March 2014

What an autumnal outfit to be wearing when it's almost spring!

It's still not quite pastel time though and let's face it, it's not exactly warm yet. I kinda love being able to snuggle up in jumpers and tweed skirts. Who knew brown could be so much fun?

It was basically all about matching with my new boots.

Boots, boots, glorious boots. I tend to have a hate:hate relationship with this section of the shoe world. Knee high boots do not fit me, Chelsea boots and most ankle boots are just plain ugly and anything mid-calf tends to cut off the blood flow to my legs. Don't even get me started on the horror that is cut-out boots.They are vile.

I may have cracked the problem though. Shoe Zone were nice enough to send me this Lilley & Skinner pair for review and they've totally won me over. I flipping love them. They are mega comfy, excellent for stomping around in and that fold down bit means that I don't have any fit issues around my stupid stumpy legs. Perfect!

Gemma tipped me off about this fab map watch. £1.64 and free postage?! I didn't just buy one, I got two.

Elbow patch jumper - H&M
Shirt and skirt - vintage via charity shops (skirt altered by moi)
Boots - c/o Shoe Zone
Watch - eBay



  1. Great new boots Alex and I love the watch. I think they will be getting quite a few sales.

    X x

  2. Oh, I've been watching this map watch for ages, but haven't yet ordered one as I don't ever remember to wear watches.

  3. Love this, and those boots! Gorgeous!
    The watch is amazing, I'm saving for an Olivia Burton one, but this could tide me over. x

  4. Love ur freebie boots & watch!


  5. I love this outfit. Also have serious wardrobe envy!

  6. Watch twins :) Is that a Welsh wool skirt? x

  7. Gorgeous! Love the warm colors!!! (Shocking! My autocorrect changed colour to color! How dare it!!!)

  8. Brown is a difficult colour to wear, though you look lovely in it. I don't know if I've ever left you a comment, but I couldn't leave here without telling you how much I enjoy your blog.

  9. For goodness sake, that watch is on sale at £1.53 - just had to buy one - cheaper than a newspaper!


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