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Minty Stars

Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm still finding the shops deeply uninspiring. Everything is either bright blue or in-your-face neon yellow at the moment and although I don't hate either of those colours, I don't seem to want to buy or wear them. Luckily spring always means a sprinkling of mint. I love mint. It's definitely my favourite pastel shade.

During a brief jaunt round Asda at the weekend I naturally made a beeline for this jumper. My mum (we were having a girly shopping day) also went "ooh" over it so we are now the proud owners of matching jumpers and will have to co-ordinate our wardrobe diaries so we don't wear them at the same time and look any madder than we already are. Ha!

It's got stars on! And it's slouchy! Two of my favourite things.

Jumper - George @ Asda
Maxi skirt - Primark
Pumps - TK Maxx


  1. love that sassy pose at the end, you look like you're keeping a secret or judging me for the trashy book I'm reading at the moment ;) xx

  2. I ooooohed at the shoes! And your jumper...I want them both. Mint is also my fave pastel colour, although I am also partial to a lovely fresh lemon yellow...

    You look awesome in that skirt too btw! SO SLINKY. ;)

    Sarah xx

  3. I love this jumper...neon yellow is all well and good but you can't beat a bit of minty green x

  4. Such a gorgeous jumper! I love your glasses too :)

    The Oxford Owl

  5. I completely love this outfit and need both the shoes and the jumper in my life. But mostly the jumper.

  6. Its a pretty colour, I can understand why you both loved it so much.

    X x


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