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The Creme Egg Scotch Egg

Monday, 24 March 2014

You know when you see something online and go "I have GOT to make that"? Well, NoLita Cantina (one of my fave restaurants in Liverpool) tweeted a few days ago about attempting to make a Creme Egg scotch egg and I had that exact reaction. Sod the fact I can't eat Creme Eggs. I have many willing chocoholics at work to feed my creations to.


A Creme Egg
Some chocolate cake
Buttercream (if you're lazy like me, buy a chocolate sponge from the shop. No need to make a cake and buttercream that way!)

It's easy but it's messy. Have lots of kitchen roll nearby and be prepared to wash your hands a lot.

Prep stages:

Mash up the cake and buttercream - I split the shop-bought choc sponge in half, discarded the top layer and mashed together the buttercream and bottom layer of the half. Should look a bit like this:

Melt a couple of squares of chocolate
Crush some hobnobs. Three should do.

Then, unwrap the Creme Egg.
Squish the cake/buttercream mixture into a coating around the egg.

Melt the chocolate and spoon over it.

Roll it in the hobnobs until you've got a roughly even top coating.

Pop in the fridge to harden.


My willing tester made sex noises whilst eating it. I take that to mean that it was a success.


  1. I've just made myself feel quite sick in trying to figure out how many calories is in that. I love Creme Eggs so much, cannot wait until I get to have one at Easter.

  2. Looks and sounds soooo yummy. Like Char I love cream eggs. Roll on Easter.

    X x

  3. Bookmarked, this looks AMAZING! xx

  4. Ha ha!!! What a super idea!!! X

  5. Waaaaah, love it, sooo have to do this. Had a ridiculous amount of Creme Eggs already this year...actually since November I think ; )

  6. That is insane! Could you post one to me please? x

  7. OH MY WOW! I'm going to have to make this now aren't it. Creme egg, cake and hobnobs??! The Dream!

  8. I absolutely LOATHE Creme eggs so I won't be making these - however the restaurant looks fab. We're in Liverpool on 12th April for the Elbow concert at the Echo Arena (happy dance, happy dance, exciting squeaks and squeals) so I may have to drag Mr FD up to the restaurant for a bite to eat beforehand. It looks like his kind of food - thanks for the recommendation. Otherwise we'll be going to Lunya (do you know Lunya? Great for tapas!) as we usually do!

    1. You could always use caramel eggs or aero eggs!

  9. And now I'm so hungry :( Smoothie time!

  10. OMG OMG OMG. This beats the creme egg brownie by far!!!!!!!



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