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A Weekend in the Country

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I had the most blissful weekend away. It was Mum's 65th birthday and as she likes to celebrate these things in style, off we went to stay at Langley Gatehouse. It's a bit nice, isn't it?!

Now I'm afraid I can't really write a coherent blog post about it because I'm extraordinarily tired at the moment and my brain will only allow me to go "OOH SHEEPS!" so let's all look at lovely photos instead.

Was actually sitting on the gatehouse windowsill, not in the sink but allow me some poetic licence...

There was a rather lovely view across to the old fishponds and moated area where the Hall used to be

Oh yeah. It SNOWED. Yoicks!

Luckily it melted shortly afterwards so we could get out for a lovely walk.

We saw SHEEPS. They were all "WTF are you doing in my field?"

And a pony with amazingly cute ears and hay stuck to his nose.

And a castle. I do like a good castle.

But mostly we lazed around reading and eating and chucking more logs on the fire. That's the way holidays should be.

This book was excellent btw although it did cause me to emit the odd pained groan upon reading "It was demolished in 1956 and replaced by a bungalow".

Char couldn't resist doing her best sloth impression on the beam in the bedroom.

It's always a bit of a wrench to go home after spending time in places like that. I like my time spent living in the past.


  1. Gorgeous spot, such a nice place to spend some time off!

  2. That's one of my favourite books! And wow that sheep looks mad... I find that with a lot of buildings I look up for work - they've all been demolished in the 60s! Not helpful...

  3. This looks like such a beautiful place :) Looks like you had a great time! Your photos are wonderful and sometimes they say a lot more than words :) x

  4. This getaway looks blissful and magical (in every sense). What a great way to spend a birthday, your Mum is a very lucky lady. Alex, you always choose the best destinations and yay for Char! x x x

  5. Looks lovely!
    Did you help the cute eared pony and remove the hay from his nose? Those ears :)

  6. This looks blissfully relaxing! What a lovely way to spend a weekend :)

    Maria xxx

  7. That Pony is the cutest! This looks like the loveliest weekend, I love that shot of the old key in the door too. Lovely, rustic looking weekend away. Perfect. I also tagged you on my blog for an award too! - Tasha

  8. Looks perfect, we need to organise a Norbury reunion!

  9. Ha, those sheep do looked piiiiissssed! I LOVE that shaggy pony, it's so cute. I also love Char as a sloth!


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