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A Bit More Knitting

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Operation Get Less Shit At Knitting continues.

After the successful snood, I tried out a much more complicated scarf stitch pattern thing (I'm totally down with all the knitting lingo) which has gone quite bizarrely wonky. Yup, still shit at knitting.

Check out the slant on that!

I know I went wrong right at the very beginning because I was doing it on a train and people kept distracting me, but I recovered that and I don't think it was enough to cause such epic slantiness. Ho hum. Maybe it'll sort itself out when I eventually finish it.

(nb - old women LOVE young(ish) knitters, don't they? Actual quote: "It's so nice to see lovely young girls like you knitting." Bahahaha. Thanks lady. I will take the young compliment and run merrily into the distance with it.)

Anyway, Project Wonky Scarf is on hold for the time being. It's taught me how to do slip stitches and passing stitches over and digging up a stitch from the loop and all that jazz. I'll finish it at some point. 

I decided to do something quick and easy to boost my spirits in the meantime, dug out the special needs needles and lovely chunky wool and whizzed my way through this chunky drop stitch cowl pattern. It was so quick and easy to do.

It's pink so it's obviously not for me but you've got to model your creations, haven't you?

New skill added to the list: drop stitches. I'll definitely make it again but will probably play around a bit and make it thinner and longer as it does seem perhaps a smidge too wide and short. It's cute though!

Never one to massively overface myself with a project or anything, I've now started work on a Weasley jumper as a Christmas present. Current status: stocking stitching my life away.


  1. Oh man, my current knitting project has come to a standstill at the moment as I have to add more stitches to the row and I don't know how. Waah.

  2. Loving seeing your knitting efforts - the wonkiness might not get better for the scarf project, but knitting gets much easier with practise, the next project will be much less wonky. And good on you for trying lots of new techniques whilst starting out - I've been knitting for 25 years (I'm only 32, so not ancient!) and have never done dropped stitches.

  3. Huh...I have no idea how you managed the wonkiness but it looks great anyway! Yay for a Weasley jumper! I fancy one of those... Also yup for the 'young knitters' comments - our cleaner at work thinks it's marvellous every time he sees me knitting, and every time I tell him that I have tons of online friends who do it, haha!

  4. I like your enthusiasm! The pink snood is particularly fetching.
    I once mentioned that I enjoyed knitting to an older lady and she tried to recruit me for the WI.

  5. Ahh I'd love to learn to knit, my mum used to, I really should ask her to show me

  6. I know exactly what you mean about old women telling you how pleased they are to see you knitting, though to be fair everyone seems to be willing to comment on it!

    If it makes you feel any better, my mum, who's been knitting for 30+ years, tried making a jumper with a similar stitch pattern & exactly the same thing happened to her. She's still not sure why.

  7. Chapeau! (French for "hat!" which bizarrely means "Good for you" in French. Presumably like "Hats off!" But there you go) My only knitting is wobbley squares which go to make up wobbley blankets for cats. I assume they're less fussy about wobbliness than some hiumans. I think the wonky bottomed scarf is actually very fashionista and original. If yoiu advertised it as such, maybe Vogue would start a feature on it.

  8. I sometimes think to myself, I'd like to learn to knit so I can make myself the perfect fitting jumper, then I read about knitting and remember it's hideously complicated and I can only just about manage a basic crochet pattern, so I'm pretty in awe of your knitting skills. LOVE the wool you're using for the jumper too, it's just beautiful.

  9. I am always super impressed by people who can knit, very snazzy!

    Maria xxx

  10. I can't knit at all so I am always impressed by those who can and I can't wait to see how the Weasley jumper turns out, that's such a cute idea! The cowl scarf you made looks amazing too, I can just imagine how cosy that'll be for winter and the colour is nice and bright too. - Tasha

  11. I haven't knitted in years. I can, but man I can't read patterns. I also can't retain casting on and off (almost said logging on and off there) no matter how many times my Mum teaches me. There's seems like too much jargon....I just want to knit something non-stop. Good job on what you've idea why the scarf is slanting so much, claim it as a design feature?!!


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