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Gasp...I'm Wearing Something That's Nearly Pink

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Oh hey, what's this? An outfit post, in the new house? Woohoo!

Now admittedly it's not the best photography in the world as I still have to get to grips with the lighting - the green chandelier I absolutely *had* to have in the library is amazing but doesn't cast the most consistent glow in the world! But hey, how much better are LOADS OF BOOKS than a boring plain white wall? Pshaw, stylish bloggers, books will always win!

Actual house blog posts will follow at some point in the future. I know I moved in last November but I am a) extremely untidy and b) a world champion procrastinator so there are still plenty of bits that need fixing and/or tidying before I can record them for posterity on t'blog.

I felt rather sassy today though, so wanted to snap some outfit pics, dodgy lighting and all. My wardrobe has been somewhat lacking in #wardrobezoo recently and a horse print top is always a very welcome addition to the clan. It's verging on being pink but I won't hold that against it!

Love a good long top!
Shirt - from Char
Cardi - Hawkshead
Skirt - H&M
Heels - Dorothy Perkins
Ring - MerCurios


  1. Pink! I'm a little ashamed of you Alex. Luckily the book pictures are soothing me ;)

  2. THOSE BOOKS! I am very jealous of your gorgeous bookshelves and that lovely ring!

    Maria xxx

  3. ALL the books. LOVE the shoes too and I think you look quite pretty in pink ;) x

  4. I do believe it's more orange than pink! Yay for bookshelf backgrounds - they always win.

  5. Peach, but yes, 'almost' pink. Love the horsey print.

  6. Pink? Looks orange to me!!! I'm LOVING the bookcase!!! It is fabulous!!!! Close UPS pleAse!x

  7. um house procrastination sounds familiar!
    Lovely backdrop for anything and everything - that's a whole lot of books! How do you order yours? Author, genre? I'm ashamed to say that I went for the wanky colour system. Looks pretty and as long as I can remember what colour a book is I can find it!
    I'd call it 'coral' and keep your reputation intact.

  8. I have those shoes from Dotty Ps and they're the most comfortable high(ish) heels ever, I love them. Also big thumbs up for the book background on outfit photos - as much as I like the natural light outside in summer, I love using my bookshelves as a backdrop come autumn.

  9. Yay! I love to see additions to the #wardrobezoo - possibly my favourite fashion related topic! You look great Alex, horse-prints will never not make me happy and I love the look of your library - that is my dream, to one day have an entire room filled with books, just like in Beauty and the Beast but on a smaller scale. Love it, including the little gold A stacked next to your bookcases too. Looking forward to seeing more of your new place and hope the move in went well! - Tasha


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