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The Reason I Don't Do Daily Outfit Posts

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pretty simple really. Most of the time I do not sport nice frocks, elegant heels or interesting/blogworthy outfits.

Most of the time I wear jeggings and slightly ratty Converse:

Cosy jumpers:

No accessories whatsoever:

No makeup. Oh and I don't brush my hair that much either:

I wear odd socks though. Gotta keep that personal brand strong:


  1. HAHAHA this made me laugh - I got asked as I left the gym yesterday if I even own a hairbrush.

  2. *chuckle* I think you've just described my favourite outfit!

  3. I brush my hair in the morning for about 10seconds. I like bushy hair! Make up is only for very special occasions.x

  4. We all do this. But, more than we ever (like to) admit.
    I haven't brushed my hair twice for work this week ... what is life?
    x x x

  5. Hehe, Thomas is always threatening to take photos of me in my usual post-work outfit - flannel pyjama bottoms, ratty slippers, and a hoodie with holes in the sleeves - and post those as a What I Wore on my blog!

  6. Ha ha - same! I'm always tempted to do "What I REALLY Wore Today" posts but I think Instagramming the same six T-shirts over and over again would get tired pretty quickly.

  7. THIS IS ME. Well, replace the converse with high tops/DMs if I'm feeling fancy and then it's me. Love this post. x

  8. Hahahaha - all I do is brush my hair and cover spots up. I feel like I'm so lazy haha.

    Lizzie Dripping


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