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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I went to watch Breakfast at Tiffanys at the cinema yesterday. Dare I fess up to a)never having seen it before and b)not really getting the whole Audrey Hepburn thing? My mind is slightly changed on the latter point as I thoroughly enjoyed the film and her performance but I still don't get the fairly wholesale worship of her that seems to be de rigeur in some circles. In the battle of the Hepburns, my vote is for Katharine.

However as my wardrobe now contains no trousers that fit me, I couldn't channel any of Katharine's deliciously masculine style yesterday. I went for the girlier version instead. There's something about this dress that just makes me feel very 60's and swishy. I even managed not to get the crochet bits stuck on anything this time - impressive by my standards!

Everything is from New Look. See, when they try, they can make dresses that are a decent length and don't flash too much cleavage!

And today I went back a couple more decades. I've wanted to do proper Victory Rolls in my hair for ages but every attempt has ended in utter failure. I'm just not very good with hair related things, plus I have incredibly uncooperative hair that never ever does what it's told. But last night I beat it into submission with the aid of hairspray and lots of long pins and it looked ok. A little scruffy as you clearly need about 7 pairs of hands to do it neatly and properly, but ok. I slept on it and it still looked fine. But a whole day at work was clearly too much and it had descended from wartime chic to night-in-a-bomb-shelter mess by the time I got home to take pictures. Bah. Plus it has photographed horribly, absolutely nothing like how it actually looked, and despite being quite happy with how I looked all day, I am now veering towards thinking I looked a right state (if the photos are anything to go by). Stupid hair. Stupid chubtastic face. I think I'll try and find a better frock and try it again when I'm in a better mood. Really quite dispirited at the moment.

I know it's a dire quality photo but look, proof that it wasn't falling down and hideously messy all day!

What a grump I am.

Dress - Primark
Cardi - Matalan
Leggings - DP
Heeled brogues - New Look


  1. Ha, love your grumpy photo! Bless you :)

    I LOVE that first dress, & I'm pretty sure I've said that before - it's just perfect on you though.. Gorgeous. I want it. A lot!

    Thank you for the very kind comment.. Is it wrong that I'm desperate to do a new post - just so the first thing you see when you come to my blog, isn't ME!? I'm forcing myself to hang on though. I'm trying to be brave!

  2. I LOVE the New Look dress, so gorgeous and I love how you've teamed it with the cardi and pumps.

    I have a bit of a thing for Breakfast at Tiffanys admittedly. Glad you got to see it finally :)x

  3. I too have never seen it, funny me and a friend were talking about that monday. Well grump i order you to cheer up cos you look fab :) face is not chubby, hair not as messy as you think it is, overall great styling :)

  4. I love that crochet dress it's so nice on you and I love that cardie, I have it too! The victory rolls work well I think. I did them a little while back folling a youtube tutorial. I follow Diary of Vintage Girl's blog and she always looks incredible with victory rolls.
    I know what you mean about Audrey, I like that film but I don't really rate her as an actress, however she is very beautiful and I could watch her all day long, rubbish acting or no.
    Kandi x

  5. Wow - I absolutely love that dress on you and I LOVE your hair like that, it looks incredibly glamorous. Wee thing (sorry - I feel bad for saying this) but I don't think that cardi goes with the dress, I feel it detracts from it. The dress is stunning on its own, but maybe if you were feeling the cold a plain black cardi would work better?
    Totally with you on Kate Hepburn. Bringing Up Baby is one of my all time fave films - have seen it in the cinema and have it on DVD, watch it loads.
    Hope my cardi comment is ok - you really look stunning in that dress and with your hair up.

  6. Oi! Grumptastic! I am loving those victory rolls. I want to give it ago. Your hair looks so pretty up like that.
    The crochet dress is very chi-chi, looking good, gurl! (But so pleased someone else gets stuff caught on things!!!-door handles are my bugbear!).
    I don't think I've ever seen B@Ts all in one go just snippets of it. Looks good, but not a favourite.
    How about a 'modesty' triangle stitched in your too revealing dresses? Or a piece of wide lace; just caught in with a few handstitches.
    Z xx

  7. I adore the 1940's hair, the red lippy and your pouty gorgeousness!! Chubtastic? I'd die for a bit more cub in my cheeks, you don't know haow many blog pictures I reject for looking gaunt and ravaged.
    I've never seen Breakfast At Tiffany's and much prefer Kathrine to Audrey, far more spirited and naughty than her girly namesake.
    Both dresses are glorious, you have super legs!

  8. I love the NL dress and the pumps too. The red lippie looks fab on you x

  9. I must confess to have never seen a film staring either Hepburn. In fact I've only recently become aware they were two different people. What a philistine I am!

    I am in envy of your victory rolls, you have lovely hair and are not chubtastic!

  10. Alex, thanks for your lovely comment. I will be in touch over the next day or so once I recover from humphing heavy archive boxes about and the impending Gym Session Of Doom.

    I so love your hair done like that. I absolutely fail at any and all pretty updos, so I am very jealous! I too love Katherine Hepburn, her look is much more 'do-able' than Audrey's was (gamine and elfin is indeed attractive, but rarely achievable without bounteous genetic blessings.) Got to love red lippie!

  11. I think your hair looks fantastic and personally slightly dishevelled wins over spot on perfection every time with me!


  12. I can't believe you're not happy with your hair, I love it! I love vintage style updos but I'm so bad at hair stuff.

  13. your hair looks so perfect to me!
    i have the second primark dress but mine shrunk in the wash sighh!
    belle xx

  14. i love the 60's feel of that first dress--so pretty!

  15. Your first dress is so pretty. They showed Breakfast at Tiffanys as the classic here earlier in the year but I never made it.

    Your hair looks fab in that close up. And you are not in the least chubtastic!


  16. Haha I laughed at the grumpy photo. Sorry, but it's the typical face I pull and stance. "Right that's it nothing is working!!"

    I love both the outfits, but the first one is so pretty.

    And re the hair thing, dry shampoo, even if your hair is clean, spray with this and the grips stay in and the shape of curls/rolls/buns stay put. Honestly. Even on thick hair.

    x x

  17. You are so cute!! I love that first dress. Very nice.
    I think what I love about Audrey was that she was so unbelievably chic at all moments. She also had many humanitarian efforts that strike a more real cord with me than the efforts of the Angelina's of the world (as in fake, fake efforts).
    But I know that Katherine did many wonderful things and was in fantastic movies like the Lion in Winter.

  18. Breakfast at Tiffany's is such a good book/film :).
    That dress is gorgeous! Hooray for new look making a non-flashing dress!
    Your victory rolls look lovely, even by the end of the day :) xx

  19. Both your outfits here rock Alex!
    Love the red cardi with that patterned dress... seriously, who cares what the photos look like - If I saw a girl like this in the street I would totally want to start a convo with her (and probably be too nervous because she looked so darn cool) so I say you're rockin it :)

    ps. I've never seen/read Breakfast at Tiffany's or gotten the whole Audrey thing either ;) Luckily I won Tillie's giveaway and now have that book in my collection to consume when I have time. I always seem so busy. Hmph.

  20. I think you look just gorgeous in that last pic!!!Love both frocks,but esp that last one.The whole look is so sweet!
    I had a horrible view of my chubtastic body whilst getting tattoed today,if it helps.Mirros are sooo cruel at times!
    I don't get Audrey either!I far prefer Katherine!"Breakfast at Tiffany's"was nice,but I never felt the need to see it more than once!

  21. Love that first dress! And love what you did to your hair - I've always wanted to try that too.

  22. few things are more divine then watching breakfast at tiffany's on the big screen

  23. Aaawww! Alex, don't be sad! You look fab, in both pictures!

    I will admit to a love for both Hepburns. There's just something about Audrey...

  24. Award for you on my blog missy! x

  25. Both of these outfits are so cute! I love the dresses. The first one is so sweet, I love the white lace detail! And I love the floral on the second :) So darling!

    I love audrey hepburn SO much!

  26. i've never seen breakfast at tiffany's...i started reading it once upon a time but didn't stick with it. love both your outfits here! the detail on the first dress is lovely & the colours of the second are great, not to mention the fab shoes!

    my hair won't do anything either, i sympathise! :)


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