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Sunday Shopping

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gosh, what a long day. I was up at the crack of dawn (well, by my standards anyway) to get on the road, meet up with the wonderful Char and head halfway down the country to pay a visit to Laura. Slightly odd circumstances in which to meet her for the first time but it was lovely - lots of nattering, a mini tour of the unit (it's really nice, like a swanky halls of residence!) and then out for a walk. She's doing well and says a big hello to everyone.

I don't want to go on about it in too much detail - if Laura wants to talk about her experiences then I'm sure she will - so I shall show you the fruits of a little shopping trip instead.

Our destination was the Newlife retail store. It's like a cross between TK Maxx and a charity shop - rails and rails of brand new stuff donated from High St stores and all the profits go to charity. My idea of a good shop! We ignored their petty rule about only taking 5 items into the changing room and loaded ourselves with pretty frocks. I think we were fairly restrained though when it came to actually purchasing things though.

This is definitely from New Look originally as I've been eyeing it up for quite some time, but I've got no idea about where the other two might have come from as they chop the labels out. Quite fun not knowing really.

This is the back - you might just be able to see the heart shaped cut out detail. I am mildly smitten with this and may well have to wear it tomorrow.

Comedy changing room antics with this one as it's a bit too snug around the chest and I couldn't get the flipping thing off! It'll be lovely in a couple of months and I'm jolly pleased as I've wanted a pinafore style dress for ages.

Also picked up a stripy scarf and this rather fab hat:

And the best bit, we found Irregular Choice shoes! Char has truly eagle eyes for them - she swooped upon these beauties and as luck would have it, they were in my size. They're totally OTT but that's just how I like them. The stripy pair are a size 3 but at £2.99 I couldn't leave them on the shelf. Do I have any readers with tiny feet? If not, onto ebay they go.

Woefully unflattering photo of me here but hey ho, I never look my best in profile. Check out the lovely new brogues though! We'd been in the car for hours at this point and I, for one, needed to go home to bed so no time for more posed photos.

Dress & brogues - River Island
Cardi - Primark


  1. Ooh lovely new purchases!

    So glad to hear Laura's doing well :)

  2. Fab haul and great to hear you went to see Laura.
    Kandi x

  3. This shop sounds like my idea of heaven!!
    Irregular Choice for £2.99... that is one hell of a bargain.

    I really like the cut out heart detailing on the 2nd dress, I've seen a few of these around and have always thought how pretty they are


  4. ME ME ME, i am between 3 and a size 4!! what material are they??

    You looking very svelte alex!!

    Love sharronx

  5. Wow that shop sounds amazing .. me wanna go ....

    You got some great finds there aswell - love the dress with the cut out heart on it!!

    And thanks for your comments on my tesco dress, i'm glad it looks like its worth more hehe :D

    Sal xXx

  6. Hey, what gorgeous dresses! I'm glad Laura is doing well, we've been writing to each other, in fact i'm halfway through a letter to her! x

  7. some fantastic buys there, glad you had a lovely visit with laura x

  8. It's an amazing place but it scares the hell out of me at weekends, you pair were braver than me!
    You did amazingly well. I especially love the hat and the bird print dress.
    Great to hear Laura's doing well.

  9. That New Look dress is fab. So glad Laura's doing well. xx

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment, I'll certainly take into account what you said :) And those dresses are lovely too. It's nice to hear Laura's good, I'm about to send her a card and a letter as I'm missing her blog posts massively! xxx

  11. You look great! What amazing bargains :D

  12. It sounds like you had a fantastic time. I wish we had New Looks! That place sounds amazing!

  13. Oh, how lovely! An MSE/blogger meet up! Such fun, and glad to hear Laura is doing well.

    You got some amazing bargains - utterly jealous! x

  14. Wow, great buys! I gave you a wee award on my page xx

  15. that shop sounds like a great idea! i have the first birdie dress from new look & i love the others too :)

  16. How fantastic to see you both in a post together!
    Fantastic scores and I bet Laura was so pleased to see you!


  17. Looks like a great day. Glad to hear Laura is doing well! I am loving the sound of this Newlife shop!!

  18. Oh man I love love love that first dress. The print is amazing. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect bird print dress. *sigh* :)

  19. Oh boy, that photo is sooo awful of me ;S
    Was a fun trip though!! :) - I'm off to New Life again at the weekend!


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