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No-one could ever accuse me of being hasty

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I bought my sewing machine well over a month ago and until yesterday I hadn't attempted making anything with it. I'd practised sewing straight lines (not very successfully) on an old pillowcase but that was it.

Yesterday, spurred on by an epic Project Runway marathon, I decided to get brave and have a go at something. I saw this fab tutorial on What Would A Nerd Wear a while ago and have been wanting to try it ever since but lack of time and nerve meant that it just hadn't happened so far.

The end result is not entirely as I would have liked but let's look at the positives before the negatives:

  • I made a skirt! And it's the first thing I've ever tried to make on a sewing machine. Good work, yes?
  • I can sew straight lines when I try.
  • I can do pockets, woop!
  • There aren't any holes in it so my seaming and hemming is clearly not too awful either.
  • It's v. pretty.

  • And on the flipside:

  • I put the pockets too high up
  • It's a bit too short
  • And most annoyingly, it's really not that flattering (hence the lack of pics of me modelling it). I think there's too much fabric in it as it sort of poofs out around the hips and makes me look even wider - not helpful on a pearshaped girl! I'm going to see what I can do to make it less so but it might have to be a case of just making another one and tweaking the measurements so that I don't use so much fabric and consequently it's not so poofy.

  • Overall though, I am impressed with myself. I don't mind the bad points too much as the first two aren't a big deal and I never really expected that the first thing I made would be perfect. Would you think that I used to be scared of sewing machines?

    Which brings me neatly to an award I've received from the lovely Nici at Giddy Little Miss . Thank you Nici! I have to tell you 5 facts about myself. Hmmm. I always find this sort of thing strangely difficult to do.

    1) I am weirdly freaked out by lorry cabs. I don't mind them when they have trailers attached but the cab part driving along by itself is just not right.

    2) I always save the nicest part of whatever I'm eating until last. It deeply irritates me when I'm with someone who goes "oh don't you like that?" and then helps themself to it before I get a chance to stab them in the hand with a fork.

    3) I have a GCSE in Latin. Unfortunately I don't remember anything of it except "Caecilius est in horto" - Caecilius is in the garden. Useful eh?

    4) I love watching sport and will watch almost anything except golf. Oh and basketball.

    5) My uni degree is in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I work in the heritage/third sector so it couldn't be less relevant!


    1. Its really cute! Well done you! x

    2. I'm absolutely, totally with you on the first one!
      Well done on sewing something so pretty and wearable. Have fun, play around with cheap fabric, make sure that if you use patterns they are Burda or Prima magazine patterns (that's my rule anyway, they are the best fit)and ignore what anyone says about going by the measurements, always do the same size as your RTW size. Whoops, sorry, small pattern rant took over there but I promise it is good advice!


    3. Wow! Well done, it looks great! And I'm a pleasure delayer too! I always save the best till last :D

    4. Alex - you clever thing! I have been mega scared of making clothes and you just went and did it! The best thing about the skirt is that you learned things and each subsequent one will be better and better. The fabric is pretty too. I agree with Disco Goth, get some cheap fabric, a second hand quilt cover or something and practice.
      Congrats on the stylish blogger too, I do that thing with food too :)
      p.s. there is a little gift in the post for you as promised on my Pay it Forward.
      Kandi x

    5. Great job, Alex! Fabulous for a first attempt.
      Another Latin scholar, huh? I studied it at A Level (fat lot of use it is, too)
      Ad astra per alia porci

    6. Such a cute skirt! Shame it's not quite right but a sterling effort for your first foray into dressmaking. More please! x

    7. Get you making a skirt!! It looks fab to me.

      I do the same with food, especially prawns! Wait till last, then devour the lot!! I'm such a fatty when it comes to my food

      X x

    8. AMAZING. Love the skirt... you've inspired me to start making some now too!

    9. Well done you for cracking open the sewing machine at last, I must get round to buying a new foot peddle for mine at some point! Crim is an interestin degree and most people end up working in something totally different, as long as you enjoy your job it doesn't matter.

      No one dares to touch my food, how bloody rude, touch my food feel my fork! lol

      Looking forward to seeing your carboot finds :) x

    10. Well done,possum!It's a great start!Onwards and upwards!!
      Goodness,what an interesting degree!

    11. Well done on the sewing project. Its very pretty so I hope you find a way you like it or a way to tweak it.

      I love your second fact. I do the same, people always try and take my marzipan cos I peel it off battenburg cake to have last!


    12. I think you did well to say this was your very first attempt!
      I really like the fabric you've used too. I wouldn't worry about the flipside, because you’re obviously doing something right and I’m sure you can alter different things next time.

      & I have spent many hours of my life obsessing over Project Runway. Hahaha :) xx

    13. Well done at your first attempt! Would you recommend the little sewing machine you bought? I really want one!!

    14. i really like the fabric you have used:)
      oh and thats for your feedback
      i changed the font size
      belle x

    15. I really really want a sewing machine. Like you, I would probably take a long time to use it =) That fabric of your skirt is so cute; I hope you can adjust it to your liking.

    16. Well done on making a skirt. Don't be too hard on yourself - looks good especially for a first attempt. xx
      PS Fab facts!

    17. Thank you for the comment, I love horses too and I thought you'd like that post! By the way, I'm scared of the sewing machine too :( I need to try and make something though but DT at school still scars me today...but the skirt looks lovely. xxx

    18. lovely skirt, hope to see many more of your creations in the near future! :) congrats on your award & i totally agree about the lorry cab thing! haha

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. Congrats on the award, and your cute skirt :)
      - I'm absolutely useless on the sewing machiene myself, tehe.

    21. I'm late but had to comment when I saw that about the lorry cabs! I thought it was just me! They always look like they're gonna tip forward, and they go way too fast.

      Yes, I studied the Caecilius book too....

    22. And a previous student had written in the front of it:

      Latin is a dead language, as dead as dead can be. First it killed the Romans and now it's killing me! :D


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