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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

mostly moping around. I am the sort of person that gets into a bad mood and then positively revels in being mardy and sorry for herself for a little while. Not the most praiseworthy of qualities, I know, but it doesn't generally last long and I mostly annoy myself, not other people.

Stupid food allergies. Their latest trick seems to be sapping all my energy and making me excessively tired and headachey. Fun eh? People at work are annoying me quite a lot today which hasn't helped either. Plus I'm feeling too ill to go swimming tonight so now I will spend the evening beating myself up for being lazy. See, told you I was feeling sorry for myself!

Look, it happens often! Self being mardy on Friday night when stuck at work till 9.45pm.


I'm enjoying the torrential rain we're having today. I forced myself to do a moderate amount of work this afternoon. I have new followers *waves* - just a couple more of you and I have a lovely giveaway lined up. I cooked a delicious dinner. And now I'm going to have an extremely long Lush bath with a large glass of wine and a good book and my rubbish day can sod off. If the insomnia that's bothering me at the moment will also sod off, that would make life just about perfect.

And although I feel somewhat trampish today, I liked yesterday's outfit very much. Look, pretty frock!


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling down, go and enjoy your Lush bath and relax. Also i love the red lips in the first photo x

  2. Awww, Alex! Big hugs and virtual love to you. The dress looks glorious and the red lipstick is stunningly gorgeous.
    Bath, Lush, wine, food and book sound like the perfect end to a shitty day. Fingers crossed for a better one tomorrow.
    Vix xxx

  3. The dress looks perfect.

    Hope you are feeling better, nothing beats a long bath x

  4. I'm not suprised you were feeling sorry for yourself I would have been in a deep depression still at work at that time on a Friday! Dress is pretty as a picture on you. Scratch today off as a glitch and see what tomorrow brings, hope you get some sleep.
    Kandi x

  5. that dress looks lovely! & love your spotty headscarf with the red lippy! i hope relaxing at home cheered you up & made you feel a little better...i'd be grumpy too though if i was still in work at nearly 10pm!

  6. Ha this sounds kinda familiar! That whole first paragraph sounds rather like me - & I don't half annoy myself!

    I'm also having issues with food allergies/intolerances at the moment - not fun at all..

    There are certain people at work also really winding me up & I seem to spend lots of time ranting about them at home, winding myself up more.

    One thing we don't have in common though is liking this weather! I'm not happy at all that it's pouring down with rain. In fact it's rather adding to my not so great mood to be honest..

    I hope your lovely sounding end to the day makes up for the rest of it a bit :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your giveaway..

    By the way - you look great!

  7. Love the hair bow and that dress is gorgeous! I think it's New Look (you said the label was ripped out?)
    Hope you feel better soon

  8. I like the dress, if I was wearing that I couldn't possibly be sad! I've been a right mardy bum for the last couple of days because I want a nice job but all that is on offer are rubbish jobs. Boo.

  9. Mardy indeed!What a great word!!Love that frock!
    I got Miss Dahl's Volupuous Delights out of the library today!Along qwith some other cookbooks!!

  10. We all get days like this don't we, I wallow to. It's good to realise that you are in a mood and go with it. For a bit anyway.

    Cute scarf, and love that dress. Very pretty.

    X x

  11. Sorry - I hope you don't mind me posting as I'm a bit of a lurker but love reading your blog. I'm sorry you were feeling down.

    I love your red dress!It really suits you.


  12. I think you're allowed to be grumpy when you're still at work so late on a Friday! You still looked fab though =)

  13. Och, hate those days! A bath sounds like just the ticket.
    And I really like your head scarf! It's so pretty :) x

  14. aw hun I hope you've had a better day today (hugs) you look very pretty even when you're down (first pic), the red lips look gorgeous.

    And the red new looks dress is gorgeous, what a find, I'll have to visit that shop one day it sounds right up my street :)

    We'll have to meet up to sort out those boots you were after, if you still want them that is xxx

  15. I know the feeling, and you had rain today? It's been blistering hot in Milton Keynes all day...we need some more rain really. And that dress is lovely. I'll definitely ask Laura about seeing her :) xxx

  16. Everyone needs their rubbish days. Chin up though lovely! That dress is fabulous, just looking at that would make me smile :)

  17. Love the bow on you and your dress is beautiful! I hope you cheer up & have a better day today!

  18. At work til almost 10pm on a Friday night?? No wonder you were feeling p'd off! Hope things better now. xx


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