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Sunday, 29 August 2010

I feel as if it's been a really long time since my last post. Sorry girls! I'm sure you don't want to hear about how boringly busy I've been, so I'll skip the excuses and move onto the fun stuff.

The ever-so lovely Char came for a visit this weekend. We shopped till we dropped yesterday - I have major shopper's guilt going on but have got some lovely things - and then spent our Sunday being culture vultures. The Tate gallery has had a Picasso exhibition (Peace and Freedom) running for ages now and as it ends tomorrow, today seemed like a good time to go! I'll be honest, my taste in art runs towards the more classical side of things but this was really fascinating and I'm so glad we went.

There were lots of other floors and galleries, including one section that had been co-curated by Wayne Hemingway. I've never been given a pair of headphones that played disco music and encouraged to dance in the middle of an art gallery before! Being the bashful type, I did it for ooh, all of 2 seconds (not helped by the fact that the music was not v. good) Fun though.

It might look sunny in these photos but it was so windy and chilly today! The coat was a must. Fun locations for the photos though, yes? The first one of me was taken outside the Tate at the Albert Dock and the second one was next to a random mural of a monster and teddybears that we happened upon whilst walking up a back street. Char came up with the better pose though:

Dress - Primark
Leggings - Dorothy Perkins
Boots -Evans
Coat - George
Earrings - Eclectic Eccentricity

I bought the dress in yesterday's shopping trip. Here's a little close up of the print, and also of one of my favourite mugs, a present from my brother. I'm very much enjoying all the animal print pieces in the shops at the moment and although I managed to resist the many horse print cardigans around, this fab dress just had to be bought.

ps - still in mourning over my broken camera. It feels weird not having it with me - it used to be an everpresent in my handbag. Today's pics were all taken on my phone so I'm blaming the rubbish camera on that for the fact that I look weird (ie mahoosively double chinned). And Char for making me laugh, obviously.


  1. Loving the mug!! - Pootle. x

  2. that dress is fabulous!
    i wish wish wish i had a primark near me!
    and that mug is simply amazing xxxxx

  3. This is very funny - I want that mug - what's your brother's address? (Only joking.) I'm mad that I've missed the Picasso exhib as I have only just cancelled my long term Tate membership due to moving to the country a few years ago and just never getting organised in time for all the exhibs. And for all the noise and crap there now. I didn't realise that Wayne H had been involved with something at Tate Modern and am appalled. Think he needs quite a large and heavy slap. He's not an artist and actually not very clever designer either. Just a quite pleasant but not particularly talented bloke. Look what a mess he made of Vintage at Goodwood. Mess not P***. So not an artist.

  4. Oooh I want me that dress! It's gorgeous. Why have I not seen it in my Primark?! I want it!

    Those earrings are so pretty. Almost pretty enough for me to get my ears pierced for :p
    I actually think it's a blessing I don't have pierced ears - you've witnessed a small proportion of the jewellery I buy, can you imagine if I had earrings to shop for too!?
    (Although there have been occasions where I just haven't been able to resist a pretty pair of earrings & buy them anyway. Honestly, I have a problem! I wear them as brooches. Or give them as presents. Or just keep them sat, looking pretty!)

  5. I LOVE you in that frock!! Gorgeous earrings too.
    Art galleries are great places to hang around in.Esp if you've had a few drinkies!

  6. I've just discovered skater dresses myself, and fear an obsession brewing! I adore the print of this dress, and seeing as I can't get to a Primark at the mo, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on good ol' ebay!
    xxx Maddie

  7. Double chinned? You look so slim and lovely in that frock. Looks such a great day out and at least it wasn't raining.

  8. wow! the print of your dress is just pretty and adorable! i want it! :D

    so sorry to hear about your camera..i'll have to take better care of mine then.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. Love that dress. You look so gorgeous and slim x

  10. Looks like a brilliant weekend. Love the new dress. I bought that mug for a colleague as a leaving gift recently as she's gone to work in an office where she'll be the only girl and I wanted the boys to know where they stand! xx

  11. I love that Primark dress, I have noticed animals becoming a huge part of fashion lately, from owls to horses, there everywhere. And I personally love anything with a cute print like this.
    That duck egg pale blue colour is so lovely too, pretty much a perfect dress

  12. Well, animal print is very "bang on trend" these days. Grr, hate that phrase. On a more serious note, it is a lovely print and you look very cute! :-)

  13. That dress is amazing, you keep making me want to buy things Alex!

  14. Aww so glad you and Char had a nice weekend together, you both deserve it! I'm sure the bank balances were hit though as you 2 are bad influence on all of us so I'm sure it was the same on each other. Lovely dresses you are both wearing and awesome poses. x

  15. Dear Alex, I love the pictures! I need to know where you got that mug, I know a few people who it'd be perfect for. I'm off to track them down online now xx

  16. ^^ Thanks nici :D i'm not too much of a bad influence i don't think..still have a lot of new things i need to wear though!!

    Thanks for a fab weekend :) xxx


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