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Second Hand Stylings - Day Seven

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wow, half way through already!

I haven't marked the halfway point in any great style I'm afraid. I'd go so far as to say it's all a bit of a mess. This is entirely due to the fact that I was running very late this morning and hadn't sorted out an outfit last night before I went to bed. I am a complete night owl, therefore I am AWFUL in the mornings. Truly awful. I can barely function for the first half an hour I'm awake, so my outfit picks don't tend to be the best.

I clearly hadn't noticed that these leggings have got horribly baggy or that I shouldn't really have worn them in the first place because the black doesn't go with everything else. I don't own anything in shades of brown or tan that can be worn on my lower half though - I blame trauma from a school play in primary school where I played a tree and had to wear hideous brown leggings.

Ah well, onto the featured item of the outfit - this lovely bag. 50p from a very nice old lady at a car boot sale. I've had a quick google of the manufacturer (Celli) and not discovered very much but should you fancy your own bag, there's one on ebay ending tomorrow afternoon. I don't care about brand names though - I like it very much and it has lots of handy compartments so that's me happy!

Top - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Brogues - River Island
Bag - Celli, via car boot sale
Earrings - no idea!
Ring - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Love, love that bag! Seriously. And all of those compartments? If you can keep them organized then they are perfect.

  2. Great find, Alex. Old ladies have the best stuff! You can't beat a multi compartment bag. Love the brogues and those lovely chandelier earrings, too.
    The story about being a tree is hilarious. I'm not a massive fan of brown clothing (or it's hideous cousin, beige).xxx

  3. I have a black satchel bad from the Charity shop and love it, so many pockets!! Your brogues are gorgeous! Love your tree story! I remember having to be the red part of a rainbow in the school play!

  4. Lovely bag. Pretty but practical. Your brogues are also gorgeous. x

  5. Lovely blog.


  6. i am in love with the bag, so cute!x

  7. I think you look good! I love the bag and the shoesies x

  8. The bag is a classic, and I always think it's an extra that it's come from a nice home. At a charity shop you don't tend to see the previous owner, but at a car boot sale you are most likely to be buying the item from the very person who first purchased it.

    I have an awful relationship with leggings, I only own black ones, due to once wearing a pair that were almost transparent! The tree story did make me laugh though x

  9. i love that bag so, so much! and the brogues are really cute too (:

  10. Love the bag Alex! My nanna gave me my favourite brown satchel 2 years ago.. she found it second hand so it's like 3rd hand and ancient! I love it :)

  11. ooooh lovely bag, me likey! my most recent bag purchase from ebay is a celli number, seems like a pretty good brand! :) fantastic brogues, love them! that shade of green really suits you too!

  12. Fab earrings - and great bag too!

    Sal xXx


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